Problems adding devices in new app


Yesterday I installed the Aeotec Hub v.3.

I’ve had problems adding devices w/ the new ST app.

I visited IDE and the platform does show a Cree bulb that I tried to add, but the bulb does not appear in the app even tho I installed it through the app. Therefore I can’t program the bulb, can’t create automations or anything.

All my devices from the old app are gone from IDE but the “rooms” still appear there on the platform. None of the previous devices, rooms or automations migrated to the new app.

I’m holding off adding more devices until I can resolve this issue with the app. No point adding devices I can’t manage!

Any ideas? Thanks!

a few suggestions…

  • check to see if you may have multiple Locations in IDE at
  • you are logging in with your main Samsung account
  • check if your hub is showing in the ST app > menu > devices
  • uninstall, reboot your mobile device, reinstall the app
  • contact ST support and open a ticket to let them investigate

Thank you!

The problem was the ST account ownership.

Apparently when I set up ST years ago, I used my husband’s email as ST “account owner“ even though he never used it. I listed myself as a member even though I set the whole system up. He didn’t even have a Samsung account, so I couldn’t migrate by signing in through his Samsung account.

The room/device data would not cross the Samsung/ST barrier and migrate to the new Samsung/ST/App system, even after someone in support changed ownership to me. So I could not see or control any of the previous rooms or device entries in my app.

So I deleted everything from all accounts and devices, turned everything off, unplugged and reset the hub and all bulbs, reinstalled the new app and started from scratch. Fresh ST acct, fresh app, and fresh rooms/devices, fresh everything, and what I’ve installed so far is working! Redoing it all wasn’t as bad a process as I anticipated!

Maybe this ownership issue will help someone else down the road.

Still need to figure out how to connect door and motion sensor and switches.

Thanks again!:boom: