SmartThings App crashes when attempting to add Cree lighting devices

I have been running many Cree bulbs on my ST Hub V2 for 3 years now. I am finding myself unable to add new Cree bulbs from the SmartThings app. When I try to add the Cree bulbs I get as far as the app prompting me at a screen that says “Let’s get started with your Cree” and a button labeled “Start”. When I hit Start there is a delay of a few seconds then “SmartThings keeps stopping” pops up. This occurs on multiple android devices even after a fresh install. I did not have issues adding Cree bulbs with the previous iteration of the app, am I just hosed? I have 20 of these things throughout my home and some require replacement.

And what happens when you ignore the manufacturer/device type and instead just select ‘scan nearby’ at the top left.

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I eventually was able to get the devices to automatically add themselves after bringing them within close proximity of the hub. I still have issue though that the software crashed by performing a normal function that worked in the previous version.