SmartThings App crashes when attempting to add Cree lighting devices

I have been running many Cree bulbs on my ST Hub V2 for 3 years now. I am finding myself unable to add new Cree bulbs from the SmartThings app. When I try to add the Cree bulbs I get as far as the app prompting me at a screen that says “Let’s get started with your Cree” and a button labeled “Start”. When I hit Start there is a delay of a few seconds then “SmartThings keeps stopping” pops up. This occurs on multiple android devices even after a fresh install. I did not have issues adding Cree bulbs with the previous iteration of the app, am I just hosed? I have 20 of these things throughout my home and some require replacement.

And what happens when you ignore the manufacturer/device type and instead just select ‘scan nearby’ at the top left.

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I eventually was able to get the devices to automatically add themselves after bringing them within close proximity of the hub. I still have issue though that the software crashed by performing a normal function that worked in the previous version.

Hi. I too am on ST Hub V2 with a bunch of Cree bulbs. I have not used my hub out of frustration for about a year. After installing new app and attempting to add the older Cree bulbs, I almost put ST back in storage. Crashing over and over again (again)! Through a bit of testing myself, I found that my key was getting the Hub selected before the app crashed (again). After that, it was gravy. For some reason it did not have my hub selected automatically even though it was the only one in the sub-menu (arrow). When I would select my HUB the ST app would crash so Keep trying! After this point and getting my HUB selected all I did was:
Reset my Cree bulbs (on for 1 second off for 2 seconds. repeat repeat…until bulb flashed)
Turn off bulb.
Go back to add device
Select Cree
Select lighting
Select Cree
Hit start (blue bar on next page)
Choose room(hub will be selected finally)
Hit Next
Turn bulb on
Boom finds your bulb

This worked for every single one. I started over by resetting bulbs to factory so I am not sure if you can already have a bulb added and have this work the same. I imagine it would though?


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