Now Cree Bulbs are screwed up

Now the cree bulbs are dropping out of the network. Almost daily.

I never had problems with Cree bulbs until recently.

To fix it you have to remove the light and add it. But that means you remove it from all the SmartApps that are using it before you can remove the light.

Only to have to do the same damn thing all over again the next day.

Have you tried resetting the bulb (without removing it from ST) and re-pairing it? This always works for me and saves the hassle of removing from apps.

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Are you talking about turning off and on? Or some other procedure. Because I don’t have a reset option in the app.

Using the “blink” reset method. Once reset, go through the normal “Connect new thing” steps and it should rejoin as the same device.


So even though ST sees the devices, but can’t seem to control them, I’ll be able to “blink” the light (well lights, two cree bulbs on one switch, one stops working), and then when I connect both, they’ll both connect under the same name?

That would be much simpler. Thank you.

I suspect I will need this, because this is happening now with at least four Cree bulbs this week.

Probably… However…
Last night one of my Wemo LED would not respond. Thinking a reset was in order and that it was getting late, I decided to wait till the next day. I just turned off the switch. Just before bedtime I toggle the switch on-off-on and much to my surprise the app was now able to (re)control the lamp.

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That sounds like ST not the device. And it would explain a sudden problem with multiple Cree bulbs.

I might try that, too. Just turn it off for the night, turn it on, see if it’s working.

Same here, had cree bulbs drop off then try reset. They blink then I cannot control them at all!!!

In another thread, folks suggested renaming them.

I found it did add the bulb back, but I had to re-select them in the smart apps. However, this is a lot faster than resetting them.

I have had my one Cree bulb stop working twice in three days. I have it in a lamp. It still shows in ST, just no control. I just turned the switch on the lamp off and on a few times until the bulb came on. Then in ST, I went into the bulb setting and hit done. It started working.

Yup, that seems to be matching many of our experiences recently.

I’ve had a few Cree bulbs for months with zero issues … then we had a power outage this morning for about a half-hour. Power came back on, as did the Cree bulbs as I’d expect since the switches to the fixtures are left in the “ON” position. But STs wouldn’t control or “see” them any further. I’ve read in this thread about the blink-reset, but I ended-up having to remove them and re-add them. And to make them show up I had to turn off the switch to the bulb for about 30 seconds and then back on. Then STs saw them just fine, let me re-add them, rename them. Of course I had to go thru the hassle of re-adding them to all my routines, smartapps, etc.

Is there something special about a power outage that would just affect Cree bulbs ?