Cree bulb stops responding to Alexa but works with SmarTthings App

I have a pretty modest setup with a SmartThings Hub, a couple of Cree smart bulbs, an ecobee thermostat and a few Echos. Up until a few days ago, everyone played nicely together. Then one of the Cree bulbs stopped responding to the Alexa voice command to turn on or off. Alexa would say that the bulb was not responding. BUT, if I went into the SmartThings App and toggled the bulb on the My Home page, it would respond. It then would start working again. Its done this a few times so I’d like to figure out who is holding up the show, so to speak. :wink:

Anyone have an idea what is going on and specifically what steps should I take to rectify it so it doesn’t act up in the future?

Thanks for your help. I set this up over a year ago and can’t remember all of the steps needed to get everyone to talk to each other. :slight_smile:

This happened to me last week, when they updated the SmartThings firmware. My Hue bulbs, not connected to ST, responded to Alexa fine but the Crees, which are connected to ST, balked.

The solution was to depress the reset button on the ST hub. All the ST devices now play well with Alexa again.

Thank you very much for your response.I tried your suggestion and things seemed to work better… for about 24 hours. :frowning: Then it was back to the same old tricks. Both of my Cree bulbs exhibit the same behavior - Alexa reports that the bulb is not responding. I open the SmartThings App on my smartphone and toggle the bulb and it responds. I then ask Alexa to do the same thing and it responds like its supposed to. I do think you were onto something as its only been since the latest Hub update that I have noticed this behavior. For some reason the SmartThings and Alexa apps are not talking consistently.

Do you have any other suggestions as how to fix this?