iOS presence not working (august 2023)

Can anyone think of a reason why Smartthings presence sensor doesn’t realize when I’m home?

I have it set up the way that it’s supposed to be. At least I think I did. (Followed Bud’s video.)

Is anyone else having this problem?

Was it recently working and has now stopped working or are you setting it up for the first time and it does not work?

Some users started reporting issues with presence on iOS this week:

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Well, I got a new hub, and to be honest I’m not completely sure when it stopped, but I suspect it was right after then. I’ve set up lmy location etc. but I don’t notice anything happening. I did make an automation for it to open my garage door when I arrive but it’s not happening. I had had one that did that before, using Life360 I think, and it worked great. Now nothing. Obviously because Life360 is no longer supported, but it should at least work using the new automation I made.

when you enable get location for this iPhone in the ST app, you will not see any tiles for the iPhone location in the app. One option is to create a virtual presence sensor and create two Routines to sync the virtual presence sensor - one when away to change virtual presence to away and a second to change virtual presence sensor to present. I like to create my virtual devices using this community developed Edge Driver: There are other methods to creating virtual devices available.

If the location does not change when you leave or arrive home. You can try disabling that settings and enable it again. Of course, as noted earlier some folks have had presence issues so you may be affected as well.

There are other methods for presence. Here is just one option: if you have an Apple TV or HomePod or HomePod Mini:

Yes, I have a virtual switch set to work with my presence sensor. That’s how I’ve been able to double check that it’s not switching off when I leave. Frustrating! I did just disable it, (the “get location from this phone”,) closed the app and then reenabled it. I won’t know for a day or two whether or not it works because I’m stuck at home unfortunately. I will keep you apprised. Thank you for responding!

I know that ALEXA also has an option, but don’t you have to have the app constantly running on your phone for it to work?

I’m having this issue. Extremely frustrating (par for the course).
I’ve read the posts here and elsewhere and can’t find a solution. Is it a known broken feature?

which iPhone? did you install a fresh copy or transfer from an older phone?

iPhone 13 Pro.
The app was installed as part of the account at transfer (not a backup) but the routines and config was done afterwards.

may be a result of the transfer.

you can try:

  • disabling “get location for this iPhone” in the app
  • removing the app from your phone
  • power off your iPhone for 30 seconds and power it back up
  • login to Advanced Web App and ensure the phone has been removed from your list of devices (don’t delete here - only check that that it was removed. Note there are two phone devices per user)
  • reinstall the app /fresh install)
  • enable “get location for this iPhone” in the app
  • rebuild your Routines

may or may not resolve the issue.

You can also contact ST support if it continues to not work.


I tried this but it says the mobile is online even if it’s disabled, app removed and phone powered off.
For some reason it even duplicated the device when I did that so I have two devices listed in the Advanced Web app.

When I deleted the two duplicated devices it also deleted the second phone (my wifes) …
It seems the app has serious issues identifying and using multiple phones.

sorry about that. there are two devices for each phone and yes, there is no proper way to tell between phone devices… guess I should do a better job of explaining to others. Sorry, didn’t mean for you to delete but to check.

your wifes phone should be a simple fix… disable get location for this iphone and enable it again and add her phone back to Routines. Also, enable on your fresh install and add back to Routines and test if it works.

Well my phone works now, or at least once coming and going.
Will test adding my wife back this evening.

I added my wife and now I have three iPhone devices, not four.

Is this is the Advanced Web App? That sounds right.

A presence sensor device of type MOBILE is created for your phone in each Location where you have enabled the use of geolocation. Those are visible to all the members of the Location.

Each of those devices has the same parent device, also of type MOBILE, to represent the phone itself. This device is apparently classed as a ‘user device’ and is not in a Location. Only the user who owns it can see it listed and only when user devices are requested to be included in the listing, something the Advanced Web App does.

I see, that makes sense. One of the devices has no location so that must be the parent.
Yes it’s in the Advanced Web App, that’s the only place showing these devices.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with my wife’s phone. She leaves and nothing happens.
I tested mine and it still works.

And you updated the Routines to account for her phone presence?

Yes I did. And added her to a virtual device.

Can only recommend the same steps you took to resolve yours. Do login to ensure there are only two phone devices showing after you disable get location on her phone. Both of which are for you. If there are three… contact support and inquire. If only the two, proceed adding her app back and enable get location.