Smartthings app and Android 5

(Kevin Baugh) #1

I purchased this tablet
since the windows app has been broken for over a month now
I am unable to install smartthings app
it says this item is not compatible with your device in the google play store

What the heck is going on

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(sidjohn1) #2

Welcome to Andriod, the difference between low end and high end is vast.

(Kevin Baugh) #3

FYI I used download the app and installed seems to work ok

(Jordan P.) #4

Error message? More details?

(Realy Living Dream) #5

Have you tried getting apk from another source like 1market ? I find a lot of apps Google says are not compatible work just fine. ST on all of my amazon devices is from 1Market since ST is not available from Amazon appstore

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #6

I have a few RCA tabs from Walmart (two sevens and a ten). When I looked into it, I recall finding out that the reason the SmartThings app won’t install is because the device doesn’t have a GPS receiver built in, and the app will only install on devices with GPS.

It’s the same with some other apps. If you want to test the hypothesis, look for the app named HydraWise (I have their smart, WiFi connected sprinkler controller, and the app won’t install on my RCA tabs for same reason).

(Realy Living Dream) #7

If that is the case, then that would also be a vote for getting ST from 1market, since Kindle 5s do not have GPS, only network based location service and ST is running just fine .

I would not blame ST for another vendors hardware limitations not being compatible.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #8

I’m just curious…if you turn on android developer options in the tablet, allow mock locations, and maybe get one of those fake location spoofer apps from the play store… will it install?


To be fair to ST, the app isn’t yet designed for tablets, just mobile phones; which have GPS. It’s part of the app’s design for using your phone as a presence device.

There is no blame on ST’s part for their app not working on the tablets you purchased.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #10

If you can, it would be under settings. Perhaps one of the fake location apps will help you find it or turn it on for you. It’s worth a shot.

(Nomis R) #11

Depending on the version, you may have to go to setting menu/about phone and then click the android version # or build # probably 6-7 times and it should unlock developer options.


You can try to sideways load it. Download the app to your computer, hook up the tablet to computer, move app file over, then use whatever to get to it and install. Worked for some old tablets I had for a customer to get google play on it.

(Matt) #13

Install new OS?

(Jordan P.) #14

I uploaded the apk for you try downloading and installing


I think those RCA tablets would be perfect for SmartTiles isn’t it?

(Matt) #16

Smart tiles should work
You can root and flash a new Rom
Check xda forms

(Realy Living Dream) #17

You will also find entire threads on Amazon Kindles which will not work natively with St app. I posted a link for SkyBell this AM that does not work with ST. You will find several things listed as “deals” that do not necessarily work with ST.

We can’t get them scroll up 5 posts to see a deal has already been listed in this thread. How do you expect them to research a product’s compatibility before buying it ?

(Kevin Baugh) #18

Yes but t o use the smarthings app you would have to side load the app
I used

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #19

The discussion regarding the RCA tablets is over here…