RCA Android Tablets

I didn’t see a thread just for these tablets. So, here it is…

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I just discovered how to turn on Developer Options in the RCA tablets…

Instructions from somebody in there say to click 7 times on the Build Number in About.

(Beginning with a tablet never before rooted, or has been completely unrooted prior)
1. On your tablet, go to Settings > About tablet > Build number and tap the build number 7 times. This will unhide the Developer options menu.
2. Tap the Developer options menu. Enable it by sliding the slider to the right in top bar. Select “USB debugging” by placing a check mark in the box next to it.

I did that, and it did indeed reveal the hidden Developer Options in the Settings menu.

Then, I turned on mock locations, and was able to install the HydraWise app, but still can’t get the SmartThings mobile app.

NOTE: the instructions I pasted here are from a post regarding how to root the tab. So, perhaps with a rooted RCA tab, we could find a way to force-install the ST mobile app?

You can try to sideways load it. Download the app to your computer, hook up the tablet to computer, move app file over, then use whatever to get to it and install. Worked for some old tablets I had for a customer to get google play on it.

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Thanks. I will give this a try sometime.

Actually, not really. I have three of them working with my SmartThings environment just fine.
I don’t care about having the SmartThings mobile app on them. So, not a problem.

Mine are running SmartTiles, and use Tasker / Secure Settings / SharpTools to get motion from an external motion sensor to turn the screens on. Everything works very well (when it works, but that’s another story entirely lol ).


I side loaded it using http://market.1mobile.com and it seems to work fine

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I have a 10" running Smartthings, Smarttiles, Motion Detector w/ Turn Screen. I checked and it’s version 5.0 Everything is running fine. I can’t remember if I loaded via 1mobile or Google Pay though.

OK, confirmed on mine…1Mobile Market is the ticket to getting the SmartThings mobile app installed on an RCA tablet (and/or perhaps any other device that doesn’t have a GPS receiver/radio built-in?).