Smartthings Android app update ( 11 Aug 2023 ) version

It is not wise. I just spent 10 mins trying to figure out how a bunch of my routines got deleted, only to figure out they are in fact not deleted, but rather suppressed as a result of using the new “manage devices to use” function.

I believe this will invariably result in users having ghost routines that are running in the background and can’t actually be identified since routines associated with filtered out devices simply dissapear.

The more helpful and in my opinion, intuitive way to implement this functionality would be to allow devices to be hidden, and add a toggle to view hidden devices. Under no circumstances would a user want to make routines invisible. Should they want them disabled there is always a function for that… Why also hide them? It seems mindless.


After the update, play TV sound on phone has disappeared when using ST with my Samsung TV… One of the main reasons i use ST. Is there a new way to use this feature or is it an update bug that needs fixed? .

The ‘Show status information’ page is now a ‘Show LocationName status’ page and it now allows you to disable the ‘Offline’ and ‘Doors and windows’ tiles regardless of whether they are currently active.

It is a bit confusing as when a device goes offline and the ‘Offline’ summary tile is displayed the previous version of the app may not immediately add it to the list of tiles that can be disabled. It is however conditional. With the updated app the option is there regardless. I can’t currently check whether the same is true of ‘Doors and windows’. Also for an empty Location only the ‘Weather’ tile is currently an option on the previous app and I can’t check for changed behaviour there. As there are fifteen status tiles there may be other changes.

The changes to the Routines page are extremely poor and unwelcome, perhaps someone had too much spare time - meanwhile we’re still dealing with the impact of devices migrating from Groovy.

‘Scenes’ is an established term - it’s used in the Alexa app for example where ST so called ‘Manually Run Routines’ appear.

The enable/disable toggle for Routines has gone from this page - you now have to locate a small icon inside each Automatic Routine

The box shape instead of a list format for Routines takes up too much screen space while adding nothing.


Depending where we look a typical nomenclature is the all inclusive general title of ‘Scenes’ or ‘Automations’, that then are either ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’ e.g. Tuya/Smartlife, Sonoff or Switchbot.
On the other hand for example Aqara uses the same as ST using the phrase ‘One click Execution’ for ‘Manually Run Routines’.
No real dictionary standard here.

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Common sense would suggest sticking with Scenes as used in ST and other platforms people have actually heard of like Alexa and Hue - rather that add to the burden we – the users – already have in dealing with the driver migration - it’s unwanted change for the sake of change


Agree. I may not have all the information, but I can perceive no clear or pressing rationale for this decision. Even to the extent that I’ve always viewed scenes as rules without triggers, “scenes” is simpler and more commonplace language. I’m just imagining asking my wife to turn on the “Media Room Manually Run Routine” instead of the “Media Room Scene.”

In my opinion (not that anybody asked or cares), SmartThings has already been generous enough these past many months in giving my wife reasons to look at me cross-eyed. We don’t need this nonsense. :smirk:


Couldnt agree more… harumph ! - thats a blazing saddles reference by the way :sunglasses:


Heres a bug, the expansion arrow icon handling is incorrect as, depending on the order of expansion/reduction the icon is reversed:

This does not always persist as it ‘can’ correct itself:

but seems to be quite changeable during use:

and no, I am not reporting this formally to support as they are few levels worse than useless(#) and no, resetting the hub won’t work :roll_eyes:

Also seems to take a lot longer to load devices and thier status on opening - all images above are for all lists collapsed, running on Android 11, UK.

(#) Outside of this forum that is, @nayelyz and colleagues are 5* :+1:

From the latest app Notice:

Quick Routines for Sensors

When you select a Sensor* in SmartThings, you will have the option to toggle On/Off automatic notifications when the sensor is triggered.

※ Compatible Sensors: Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor, Open/Close sensor, Smart Door Lock.

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One step closer to Apple Home :slightly_smiling_face:

@fido thanks for the feedback I will inform the team :saluting_face:

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I like the overview of devices per room. It’s frustrating that I can’t get the full picture though. I have multiple devices that can measure temperature in my rooms, but only contact sensros and etrvs can be included. Motion sensors that can measure temperature don’t get included and can’t be selected.


Couple of things i have noticed

I keep getting a pop up asking if i like the app or not

My Galaxy S10 phone has reported a constantly crashing app which is noted as Smartthings, in use i have not noticed the app crashing so im unsure of how or what the phone has detected

And again with the pop up, and i always reply Dislike, maybe it wont stop until i hit like… not going to happen though

The prior design was MUCH better.

I’m in the U.S. and received the app update this morning. I definitely do not like that I cannot disable my routines at the list level. It’s now at the routine detail level. With that said, I like having the icon customization for each routine/automation. Maybe they could add the enable/disable selection in a long press of the automation tile?

The other issue I continue to have with the “status” tiles on the favorites page. I have numerous switches that control lights, (GE/Enbrighten/Honeywell) but they are not included in the list of lights list and there is no way to add them. Now that the light status tile is now included at the room level makes it even more frustrating. Has anyone found a workaround?


When they first appeared 3 months ago on the Home page the issues were pointed out, a best guess is ST are still trying to find a way to make things work

I did expect the latest update to have fixed the issues but sadly not yet

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This is not an issue of the Android update, I have iOS and this was also detected in their last update.

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I don’t think I confirmed that the bug with onboarding a V2 hub has been fixed with this release (it didn’t list any Locations so you couldn’t get started).

There does seem to be a new one …

And this is the app that runs all of Samsungs connected hardware, there flagship Iot app… :pensive: