SmartThings Android App (August 2022)

I don’t think we have a thread for this. A new version of the app is rolling out for Android.

Changes include:

  • All Devices now uses dashboard tiles and wallpaper and is sorted by rooms.
  • Routines and Scenes open in a limited edit mode which allows existing conditions and actions to be tweaked if you tap on them.
  • Routines and Scenes have a new bottom menu featuring Set as favourite (Scenes only), Copy (which is new), Edit and Delete. You have to click on Edit to add and delete conditions and actions even though it is already highlighted.
  • Supported Devices appears as an icon on the Menu page and it uses a broadly similar format to that found in ‘add devices’.
  • Contact us has been moved to the bottom of the list on the Menu page where it is more prominent.
  • Permissions appears on the Settings page.
  • Edge devices are now shown with the other hub connected devices on the hub details page, and fortunately the icons display much quicker than previously.
  • The app seems generally a bit quicker at starting up.
  • The ‘Add’ menu on the Favourites page has gained ‘Invite member’ and other entries have had verbs added.
  • ‘Add xxx’ has been replaced by ‘Create xxx’ for some menu items throughout the app.
  • Temperature conditions accept the ‘stays’ option in Routines (no idea about changes for other capabilities).

ive not got it yet

Graham you must have been guinea pig #1 for this rollout. I’m not even seeing the APK for this version anywhere.

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I concur, my Google Fu is weak today. I can’t dig up a copy of the apk any where. I really need to start doing a apk teardown of the app and do a conpair to see what’s hiding in the code.

Edit. @Automated_House I found a copy installed in on a secondary device. All seems to be ok.

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It is dated 21st August. I’ve only had it on a tertiary account I have on a Nokia. I’ve no idea how they roll these things out but it is a novel experience to get it as early as it seems I have.

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I just got update. Seems to include same new features that iOS vetsion update. Maybe app is little bit faster than before.

Hi @nayelyz

Now with new app versión we have the same IOs problem with custom capability labels :sob: :sob:

Some time show capability name and attribute name, in others none

Some not show the estatus and others shown it

I have seen the presentations of the capabilities and they have defined the label, only change the display Type

    "detailView": [
        "label": "Random Next Change:",
        "displayType": "state",
         "state": {
            "label": "{{randomNext.value}}",
            "unit": null

Sometimes it is better to pay a good salary to some so that they stay at home playing with their PC and do not touch anything here :man_facepalming:


They have also resolved the refresh issue that showed broken clouds.
This is good!!

I see that some routines can be copied, while others cannot. Not sure why.

Cannot copy the ones made with the quick controls of the device


I noticed most were remote buttons, so that makes sense.


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I noticed the little icon used for ceiling fan devices no longer animates. I liked the animation!


And yet, the annoying ‘tick’ sound is still there when toggling a switch On/Off in the app. Apparently it’s part of the SmartThings Android ecosystem and not a bug.

:face_exhaling: Sorry about that.
We already talked to the plugin team and they mentioned these changes are to start supporting multi-attributes (it is still not certain how we can configure that type of display). So now, the values displayed are:

  • Title: Capability Name
  • Sub-title: Attribute Name

I asked them how we can solve the issues for the capabilities label and they mentioned we need to add a translation for them. I will check if this is true and also the issue with the state not being shown in some cases…

So one month from Edge going full public and the plugin team is making undocumented changes to how presentations work?! Lovely!


Thanks for your response

So why to make a capability presentation if the app is going to show whatever it wants later?

This is not true for all display types. the type slider is still displayed correctly, maybe I shouldn’t say it so they don’t mess it up!!

Why Stock capabilities are not affected by this.?

I don’t see any sense in this, a label is always a label and its application is different from the name of the capability or the attribute and the status is inconceivable that it is not shown.

At the user level of the app the label is the more important, who cares the capability or the attribute names!!!

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That’s what we also told them and they mentioned this was going to be friendlier in the next release considering all the feedback so far.

Now that I’ve been making some tests, I confirmed that Localization (translation) allows us to set a custom label (at least for the attribute).
It’s pending to confirm the capability’s card label as I put a similar label in the localization (the only difference is the capital letters - Name: “List Example”, Translation: “List example”) and as I haven’t gotten the Android update, all my tests were in iOS, I don’t know if this is because of the cache. I already reinstalled the ST app.

Taking this capability as an example:
It is now displayed as follows when its label was “untitled”:

I suggest you query the localization config by making a direct query to the ST API, in the CLI we cannot use the -j or -y flags (I’ll report this issue). For example:

Note: Remember to create first the localization and then, update the capability’s presentation to use that config

I noticed this a while back and reported it. The animations work with DTH for me but not Edge drivers for some reason.

My fan is still using a DTH, and it used to work, so I’m seeing it not functioning on DTH’s. I’m working on an Edge driver for these and I’ll see if it changes for me.

Hi @nayelyz

This forces us to do the translation of the labels in all the custom capabilities and and their presentations and VIDs?

If so, it seems to me that changing the game rule in the middle of the match and without prior notice is not acceptable!

Nowhere in the documentation did it say that it was mandatory to translate the presentations capabilities.

I’m going to sleep :zzz:
My head hurts just thinking about it!

Thanks for your explanations.