SmartThings app - Unable to connect to the Hub

I have both the apps on my phone - the classic and the smartthings app.

I had installed Hub (Hub 1) a few days ago. I was able to add z-wave devices to this hub. Both my apps were able to control the devices and the hub.

A week ago, I setup another Hub (Hub 2). Hub 1 was disconnected at this time, and Hub2 became the only Hub that I can control from SmartThings app. I need to access Hub1 network settings (which I believe can be done only through SmartThings app) since I have to change the network settings.

I have gone back and deleted Hub2 from the SmartThings portal but I still can NOT access Hub1 (at least from the SmartThings app). Funnily enough Classic app still allows me to play with the devices and the Hub.

I could reset and start over, but the pain of excluding and including up all the z-wave devices gives me jitters. Can someone please help? Is this a known issue? Should I do anything differently?

I thought you disconnected hub 1? Why would you need to connect to it if you got a new hub?

Hub 1 was disconnected temporarily. We have changed the network provider and I need to reconfigure the internet settings of Hub 1

I will reset Hub 2 and set it up as a repeater (consequently) to increase the range of Hub 1

A hub v.2 can not be used as a repeater for either zigbee or zwave.

For avoidance of doubt - i am referring to Samsung home connect, not the smartthings Hub

Ah, ok. Can’t say I have any experience with those. Believe you will have to use the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app, though.

it’s a known issue that re-pairing all my devices will give heebie-jeebies, but not the jitters - that’s new.

I was under the impression you could only have 1 Smartthings hub connected to a given network at any one time (more than one hub allowed but not at same location).

Are you able to see your old hub in the SmartThings IDE?

Had to reset the hubs. The old hub could be seen in the IDE but the app wouldnt connect to it.

Thanks for the help anyways