Smartthings and Vimar Smart Friends

Hello, I would like to use the new Vimar Smart Frineds ZigBee switches in my home, has anyone tried them yet?
Can i connect them directly to the Samrtthings Hub or I have to buy the Philips Hub?
Thank you very much

They may work with basic zigbee integration through the IDE however I cannot see any information when searching the forums or elsewhere. My guess would be you would need the Philips hub to integrate them into Smartthings which is fairly straight forward.

Thank you very much, I will tray with Philips hub…

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They will definitely work with the hue bridge: that’s what they’re made for. (They are from the “friends of Hue“ line and use the green power profile.)

However, when they are connected to a Hue bridge they will not be visible to smartthings Through the official integration, just as the hue dimmer switch or hue tap switch connected to Hue bridge are not visible to smartthings through the official integration.

So they will work fine as a parallel means of control for anything else which is connected to the Hue Bridge. But you wouldn’t be able to use them for other smartthings functions.

One of the other companies making “friends of Hue“ switches has said that they might be able to be connected directly to a SmartThings V3 hub But only if you are lucky enough to have your hub on the right Zigbee channel. (11, 15, 20, or 25 for the current Vimar models.) But so far I haven’t heard of anyone actually making that happen.

So…nice devices, work well with the Hue bridge, but may not be accessible via the SmartThings app or automations. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks @JDRoberts,
so if I connect the Vimar switches to the Philpips Hue I am not able to see these switches from the Smartthings Bridge, right?
this is a problem for me, I wanted to control Z-Wave relays with Vimar switches. At this point I have to buy Z-Wave switches … :disappointed:

You can always see the relays status, the switch status is not important