Zigbee switch in Phillips hue to Smarthings

I am trying to list my zigbee switches that I have running in Phillips Hue via the Hue hub.

I have successfully added the Hue Hub as a device in Smartthings, however the switches/lights are not populating in the app. Both new and Classic app.

I am using third party switches in Phillips Hue (Nue 2 gang switch) but they are recognised and working perfectly in Philips hue app. Just not populating in SmartThings after I add the Hue hub into the SmartThings app.

The only supported devices are bulbs, light strips and other Hue lights for the ST - Hue bridge integration.

Custom SmartApp might expose some of the things that you can’t see today?

I use this for exposing scenes inside of SmartThings which is great for defining different colors/brightness for different times of the day.

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