ADT Command and SmartThings


I have the new ADT Command & Control panel and I am wondering whether I can pair it with SmartThings hub so I can arm/disarm from smartThings app.


If you have a SmartThings ADT hub then I believe you can use your ADT sensors with the hub. @JDRoberts

Unfortunately no, the SmartThings ADT dual logo hub uses a proprietary frequency unique to that specific model. It cannot be used with ADT sensors from other ADT models.

As for whether you can put both the new ADT command and control panel and a smartthings hub on the same Z wave network, it may be possible, but they would share only Z wave devices and it would not be possible to arm/disarm the ADT panel from the smartthings app as that is a locked function not available to third-party integrations. At best each one might be able to turn on the same Z wave light switch.

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Is there a way to get the armed/disarmed status of the ADT Command system into smartthings, in order to use these status changes to control locks, lights, etc?