Smartthings and LIFX

I have a curious problem regarding sunset and sunrise. In my kitchen I have 6 Hive bulbs which I pretend to be Philips Hue. The sunset/sunrise +/- work fine but the rest of my bulbs are LIFX and the sunrise/sunset feature gets ignored. It seems to be something to do with Smartthings and LIFX. Anyone else had this problem?

Which app are you using… Classic or new SmartThings app? Are you using the same thing to manage all of them, i.e. smart lighting, automations, routines or a combination?

Hi, thanks for replying. I am using the “new” Smartthings.I am just using Smart Lighting to turn on lights when close to sunset or after when the motion sensor detects movement and go off after a few minutes. It’s odd because the lights in my kitchen which I set up as Philips Hue bulbs (since SmartThing does not support Hive) respond to sunset -60 etc. but in the case of my LIFX bulbs the sunset/sunrise Smart Lighting function just ignores the sunset/sunrise bit. It seems to be a problem between Smartthings and LIFX.

I am stumped. Hopefully someone else might have some thoughts.

Also report it to ST support and let them investigate. Click on the menu and select Help. You can submit a report there.

Yes… I submitted a report earlier. It seems more likely that Smartthings is not processing the schedule correctly in the case of LIFX, LIKX will just do what it’s told to do and the lights switch on and off OK. But thankyou for your interest and help., I will let you know if and when I get a resolution.

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