Lights Misbehaving when Family Leaves Home

I have two LiFX bulbs and a Philips Lightstrip that have all of a sudden started misbehaving. I use motion sensors, WebCore and IFTTT to fire these lights. Earlier in January I had connectivity issues with the LiFX bulbs that required me to install the new SmartThings apps to reestablish the link between SmartThings and the LiFX cloud. Once I resolved that all three light worked as intended. Now the past couple of days, as soon as the last family member leaves in the morning (or anytime during the day) and the house switches to Away mode, these three lights turn on. My Away mode switchover routine also includes a command to turn off all the lights in the house.

I’ve started a ticket but SmartThings tech support wants me to remove all automations for these lights and re-add them. I have a lot of automations for these three lights as they are main living space lights tied to motion, time of day, home mode differences and IFTTT. I really don’t want to go down this path. I’m hoping somebody has had similar issues and can offer a solution that doesn’t require the time it would take to rebuild my automations for these lights. Thanks in advance.

I would not walk that path yet. Give ST time to clear this up a bit and see how your system recovers.


I think the issue is back even though they say all conditions normal. NONE of my automations are working since about 11 PM last night.

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