"Smart Lighting" app not respecting sunset to sunrise requirement

Set up a few lights to come on when myself or the wife comes home after sunset. The lights come on fine, but they pay no mind to the time of day. They come on in the middle of the day or the middle of the night if we arrive. Wondering if anyone has dealt with this from this particular app before or has a solution to make it so it respects my sunset to sunrise requirement.

Which Smartapp are you using?

It’s the smartlighting app that I guess is native to SmartThings. Little yellow icon

When you set up the automation, did you click more options at the bottom of the screen and set up Only during a certain time?

Can you post screenshots of the full automation?

Also, in a case like this it’s a good idea just to check and make sure that you don’t have additional automations set up. Or other smartapps.

To see what automations are associated with a particular light:

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) click on the Rooms icon (4 tiny squares) at the bottom of the screen

Three) click on the tab that says Things at the top of the page. This will display your things list.

Four) scroll down the things list until you see one of the light switches which is not behaving as you expected.

Five) click on the name of the light (just the name, not the icons to the left or right of it) and that will open its detail screen

  1. once the detail screen for the light is displayed, click on “smart apps” at the top of that screen to see a list of all the automations which are using this light.

Just briefly check each of those to make sure that it is set up the way you want it to be. Feel free to post the screenshots of those if you’d like us to look at them as well.

Separately, you can check the notifications for your account to see exactly what happened when the light came on. It should tell you the name of the smart app/routine that activated just prior to the light coming on.

And I forgot, also go through steps one through five up above to display the detail screen for one of the lights that is not acting as expected, then instead of clicking on “smart apps” at the top of the detail page, click on “recently” and you can see the log list for that particular light.

I’m with JD here we need to see all the settings. If you have a beginning of sunset and a ending of sunrise, I don’t get what’s happening during the day.

Now, is your comment about the middle of the night an indication of a problem? I mean I would expect it to work in the middle of the night.

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@JDRoberts you may have found it. I forgot I was messing with stringify for a similar automation with that light because I was having presence issues with my phone (which have since been resolved). I’ll delete the stringify flow and see if that helps. Thanks.

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Everybody does that sooner or later. I once had four different activities set up to start Netflix when we didn’t even have that Netflix subscription anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: