Sunrise/Sunset rules not working

I have an odd case that I don’t think I’ve read about before. Using the new ST app, I’ve set up a light to come on at sunset (one rule) and the same light to go off at sunrise (other rule.) It seems to be turning off at sunrise but not on at sunset.

The responses I’ve seen were related to an incorrect time zone setting (somewhere) but that would not explain what I am seeing.

More details (which probably are not relevant)

  • there are two lights (steps one and steps two). Steps two is set to mimic steps one. The rules both are commanding steps one.

  • the bulbs are philips hue running controlled by a Hue hub, which is connected in turn to a ST hub.

  • This setup used to work well. Recently I changed around my wifi network (from an Xfinity Router to a “wifi system” from Orbi) and had to reset everything so I’ve been fixing problems as I find them, but I don’t think the network change is involved here.

Any suggestions?

If you are using Custom Automations, there appears to be a bug when using Sunset to Sunrise. There are multiples posts where others are experiencing the same issue. The only work-around is to use a set time in place of sunrise. Ot try using Smart Lighting rules.

Or switch to the SmartThings Classic app where this does not appear to be an issue in Routines.

There is also the option of using webCoRE.

Have you logged into IDE to check that your time zone and sunset/sunrise times are correct?

Yes, I just did. And weirdly, the “sunset event” and the “sunrise event” seem to be occurring at the right times. Will look more into it and keep you posted.

Pito Salas
Brandeis Computer Science
Volen 134

If it is a custom automation in the new app, it isn’t using the same sunrise/sunset that is listed in the IDE.

Pito - I tried to look at the automation but it seems you may have removed it?