Smartthings and IFTTT temperature trigger not working

Anyone using the IFTTT and Smartthings “Temperature rises above” or “Temperature falls below” triggers successfully?

I’ve created a few IFTTT applets to turn on/off a switch based on the temperature reported by my Smartthings moisture/temperature sensors. But it does not work. The applet does not run even though I can see the sensors work correctly. No error messages in the IFTTT activity log.

What’s strange is if I create an applet and use a device turned on/off as a trigger, it works every time.

So I’m wondering if the temperature related triggers aren’t working and want to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues.


You should explore using webcore instead of ifttt…

I’ve been wanting to learn WebCore and Webhook so this might be the time! :grin:

This seems to still be an issue. :frowning:

Yep, I have the same issue; it’s not working for me either. SmartThings shows the temp above X but the “If temp rises above X” trigger never fires.

So it’s not just me then! I noticed that the applet has never run, so assumed that the trigger wasn’t working.

Is anyone at Smartthings on the case? This is potentially a very useful energy /CO2 saving measure.

Same to mine. I have a couple of Xiaomi temperature sensors with Smarttrhings Zigbee integration, but none of these works with ifttt

Hi - I don’t know if the issues mentioned here were eventually fixed but now that I joined Smartthings and IFTTT this month and need the «temp above/below» feature - it is not working here. Other solutions ? What I in the end is trying to do is to send the temperature reading to a numeric variable in Apilio - via IFTTT or otherwise I don’t care. I am not a developer anymore but have some tech skills

This is happening to me too. After messing about and lookijng at ifttt, this is a problem that only works with celcius. If I change my applet to use Fahrenheit it works fine! Annoying but at least if you change it to the equivalent in Fahrenheit you canget it working.

have uusing farenheit resolved your issue? im trying to use it but it triggers on celcius degree, but in the application, thinks my celcius grade is farenheit and THEN converts to celcius. so 19c becomes -8c because of the original c-value being though of as farenheit.

problem 2 is that its not feeding a continous update of the temp when i try to use it to control my nibe uplink