IFTTT and Ecobee Temperature Sensor Issue

I made a simple IFTTT applet to do a basic task.

Basically, if my Ecobee room sensor’s temperature drops below 78 degrees, then turn off my ceiling fan (which is controlled by Bond).

Checking the applet, it ran only 2 times since I created it several days ago even though the temperature has dropped below 78 degrees many times.

So my question is does this applet only run when the temperature rises above 78 then drops below 78? Or should it run periodically to see if the condition is met?

The applet will only run when the temperature rises to or above 78 and then drops below 78.

So I noticed the IFTTT app was not on the “Not monitored” app list on my phone which meant it probably went to sleep and could not run in the background.

After making the change and the temperature has gone up above 78 and back down below 78 several times, the IFTTT applet is still not running.

Anything else I can try?

You could use WebCore to send Ifttt a Webhook when th Ecobees temperature crosses your thresholds.

So I’ve experimented a little bit and it seems IFTTT temperature related triggers using Smartthings doesn’t work consistently.

Every IFTTT applet I created works fine if the trigger is a device on or off. However, if I use a if temperature rises above X or falls below x trigger, it sometimes works but mostly does not work.

Anyone else using IFTTT and Smartthings temperature related triggers successfully?


I’ll have to study up on WebCore and Webhook since I’m not familiar with those.

Thanks for the advice.