SmartThings hub using celsius, but sends Fahrenheit's for IFTTT?


Since I’m from Finland, I have set my home location to use celsius temperature scale from the SmartThings- web page. But, when I connected my SmartThings Hub with Aeotec Multipurpose Sensor for IFTTT- service, to be able to give commands for my Tado heating system thru it, it seems that IFTTT is getting Fahrenheits for some reason?? I already made a service request for IFTTT- support about this issue, and they checked that there’s nothing they can do since IFTTT really is getting fahrenheits from SmartHub.

What’s wrong with this? All temp values I see on a webpage or in iPhone app a on celsius scale as they should be, but is there something wrong with the API etc.? How could I fix this??

It also seems for me that IFTTT is getting only full degrees from SmartThings Hub, even though both web and app show decimals also…?


Maybe as a workaround you could try setting the IFTTT Applet to “Temperatures below -5.5” ? If I’m seeing what’s going on here right the Threshold (which IFTTT apparently converts from C to F) should switch to 22 F , which matches with your “False” Fahrenheit threshold.

Just a suggestion for a workaround - not elegant, but it might work.

Good luck! This must be very irritating,

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Thanks for the hint AlecM, I will try that.

But is this a bug in the Samsung’s software, should I somehow report this for them to get it fixed…?

It did not work right away since this C → F transformation seems to mess up those values somehow, and they are not interpreted correctly on IFTTT. BUT, then I turned my Hub to be using Fahrenheits and then create those IFTTT triggers also with F, it seems to work. Thank you AlecM! :=)

One more question; does anyone know how exatly are those “above” and “below” triggers fired? I mean, if I set a trigger for “below 73F” on IFTTT, will it be triggered when the temp goes exactly for 72.9F at SmartThings sensor? I’m a bit confused, since it seems that even though the sensor itself and hub will use decimals, the value sent for IFTTT is always an integer…?