Trouble using temp from multisensor to trigger IFTTT


Been using Smartthings for about two weeks. Having fun setting up stuff. But one of the main purposes I purchased ST for was to have a window AC unit turn on and off at preset temps via the multisensor. I am using two IFTTT recipes. Simple if temp goes above X then turn on AC (which is connected to Smartthings switch included in my kit), and another to turn it off once another lower temp is met.

It has worked once or twice, but not reliably. When I log into the ST app and click on the sprocket for the multisensor I see readings for temp (although there does appear to sometimes be large gaps in between readings, like an hour or so).

When I log into IFTTT and look at the logs I do occasionally get “Trigger Timeout Error about 2 hours ago
SmartThings or its API may temporarily be down. After five consecutive errors, the Recipe will automatically turn off”.

All of my other IFTTT recipes seem to be working without issue including ones that use that same multisensor (example: when open send iOS alert).

Any suggestions? Does the multisensor have a predetermined interval for checking temp?


I wonder what would happen if you set this up without IFTTT. The Virtual Thermostat SmartApp seems to do everything you would want.

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Thanks for the reply Ben. I played around with the Virtual Thermostat SmartApp and decided I liked how IFTTT allowed me to set a high and low threshold, whereas I believe the Virtual Thermostat asked for just one ideal temp. I’ll take another look at it.

I seem to be having a bit more luck with IFTTT but it is still fairly inconsistent as to when it decides to work. I seem to have better luck when I toggle the recipe on and then off.

@discult, did you ever get IFTTT working? I have the same issue, I’m using a monoprice motion/temp sensor and wanting it to notify me through IFTTT if the temp drops below a certain temp. It ran once, and now says “Trigger Timeout Error”. It looks like everything works but the log doesn’t show anything and it doesn’t seem to run (Last run Oct 12 2015…)

I’m having the same problem. I have three Samsung Multisensors that I want to use to control fans set up on Wemo switches. I have two IFTTT recipes set up for each sensor (turn on if temperature goes above X, turn off it temperature goes below X). They seem to work occasionally, but not consistently.

Any advice?

I am having the same issu, have anyone figure this out?

Same issue reproduced.

Anyone at Smartthings care to confirm the bug or provide a workaround?

still an issue!