Is Samsung SmartThings Sensor capable of sending temperature to IFTTT?

Are Samsung SmartThings Sensors that can detect vibration, opening/closing and temperature capable of sending the temperature to IFTTT?

I’ve built an applet that will be triggered by high temperature, as reported by a SmartThings Sensor. It never gets triggered. So I’m beginning to suspect that maybe the Sensor is not capable of sending the temperature data to IFTTT.

Did you add your sensors to IFTTT’s “Which Temperature Sensors” section? If I add any sensor that reports temperature it shows up in IFTTT, specifically in Temperature drops below or Temperature rises above.

Yes, I added it. It shows up as an available device when I choose “Temperature rises above …” template too.

Does your SmartThings Sensor work as a temperature trigger?

I’ve just created 2 applets to find out. One is for my ST motion and temp sensor and the other for an Iris temp and humidity sensor. Now I just need to wait for a change in temperature.

Some people have reported that the problem which is currently affecting the Alexa/smartthings integration is also affecting the Ifttt/smartthings integration. If that’s true, then some senseor triggers are not being reported to the third-party service, but it’s sort of random.

This affects both physical and virtual devices, but again, randomly.

Engineering is working on the problem.

You’ll have to read down the thread to see where the discussion about the problem starts.

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

Again, I have not seen it officially confirmed that this issue is affecting services other than Alexa, but it might be.


Good point @JDRoberts, forgot IFTTT was mentioned.

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Yup, it just did. I have a 2015(?) motion/temp sensor from ST and it just triggered my IFTTT applet. All I had it do was look for a temp above a certain value and to send me an SMS message.

Ok, for some people it works. That’s better than it not working for anyone.

I just discovered an error message sitting inside the IFTTT app. The message says “Applet failed. Trigger failure. There was a problem with the trigger.”

I’ve never seen an error message like this from IFTTT in the five plus years I’ve been using it. I’m going to file this under the ST/Alexa, ST/IFTTT integration problem mentioned above for now.

If anybody thinks this is a different issue, please leave a comment here.

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