SmartThings door open/close working but temp not (IFTTT to SmartLife)

New to the automation life. I searched and found this thread from 2018, but it didn’t seem to be resolved. I’m having a similar issue.

I have a door sensor (multipurpose sensor; GP-U999SJVLAAA) set up in Smart Things. I have 2 different actions in Smart Life linked through IFTTT. I had to make “scenes” in SL and activate the scene via IFTTT with ST events.

One of the actions works. I have it set so when the door opens, a light in the room turns on (via SL smart plug; Teckin SP10), and when the door closes, the light turns off. This is consistently working.

The second action is not working. I have it set so when the temperature rises about 77F, a switch turns on (window air conditioner), and when the temperature drops below 74F, the switch turns off. Although the sensor is recording temperatures (listed in the ST history) and the temperatures have gone above and below the thresholds, the switch is not triggering when temperatures meet the criteria. I have tested the scene in SL, and it works fine. The problem is either with ST communicating to IFTTT or IFTTT communicating to the plug. I have not received any errors in IFTTT. I also have notices enabled in both SL and IFTTT for the scene/applet and have not received any.

I’m struggling to troubleshoot this because it is the same door sensor as the trigger for both events and plugs from the same kit (same make, model, set up).