Smartthings and 2Gig with

Trying to get my smartthings 2 to work with 2gig panel (as secondary) and

I have added all my devices into the smartthings hub, learned the 2gig as a secondary controller, but cannot see any devices in The devices do show up in the 2gig panel after being learned as the secondary controller and I’m able to control the devices from the 2gig panel, it’s just that they never get sent up to

I know there are some threads with Vera integrations out there, but I’m specifically looking for anyone that has this integration working and devices showing up in I want to be able to control from both app and smartthings app, as well as setup rules on so that the security sensors can be used to trigger the zwave devices. I had that part working before I got the smartthings hub. I’m tempted to just go back to 2gig only setup.


I recently got my 2gig GoControl 2 panel fully working as a secondary to a STv2 hub and with (ADC).

But I hate to tell you but it appears the recent Jan 2016 posting of the GC2 v1.14 firmware is what finally did the trick for me. If you haven’t done a f/w update before you’ll need to read this before then buying a special $20 upgrade cable and have a laptop preferably with just Windows 7. My provider (SuretyDIY) suspects the GC2 v1.13 and older f/w was not uploading enough device mfr info to please ADC.

If you have been keeping up on GC2 f/w then make sure to go into Installer Mode settings and perform a cellular test - which forces an updated list of 2gig sensors + Zwave devices to ADC.

Now, I have to disclose that at the time I upgraded to f/w 1.14 I also had a “ghost” secondary controller hub device showing up on the GC2’s Zwave list with yellow status right below the successful secondary hub device. My provider originally suspected that duplicate controller could throw off ADC. Had to wipe out the whole Zwave list before doing the f/w upgrade anyway.

Lastly - and this is always important in Zwave secondary learning - Find a long ethernet cable, unplug the ST hub and set it as close to the GC2 as possible and leave it there for and hour or two while it sucks on the batteries. It’s the only way to make sure the complete device list and all device parameters are cleanly downloaded to the secondary GC2. This somehow especially seems the case if you have a Zwave lock that has to pass its secure params to the secondary to control as well.

Btw, for record here - It took me a while to figure out that if you ADD more Zwave devices to the ST hub, then in order to update the GC2 you need to first tell the ST hub to go into Inclusion mode (Add a Device) and then to GC2 Zwave settings and “Learn Controller” again. No, there is never the usual “Found 1 Device!”. STv2 GUI just sits there and spins forever. So I give it another hour. Again, best to have the ST hub near the GC2 panel.

As it appears you already know, you’ll have to rely on ADC’s (still rather limited) rules to link security events (alarm/disarm/motion) to change Zwave devices (lights, etc). The ST hub has no understanding of an alarm or arm status.

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I’m new to ST but have a security system that uses ADC as the base for awhile. I have about 20+ z-wave devices and recently got an Echo for my birthday from the wife. The ask ADC to do this or that. was getting old and about a third of the my switches weren’t even being found on my account.

I just picked up a STv2 hub and was trying to figure out if I could use it as a Secondary or if I need to use it as a Primary with my ADC hub. It seems that most people are using ST as their primary, but I’ve been nervous about switching the two just in case there were some features that didn’t translate. my main priority is that all of my stuff work properly with my alarm system.

I’m currently on 1.13 on my ADC firmware, but I’ve been able to call up in the past and have my company push a firmware update. I do have one question for you about integration. you said when you added devices to ST and wanted to update the ADC panel you had to put the ST into inclusion mode? The only place I see inclusion in the app is to add ST as a secondary to an already existing network. I have a feeling this isn’t the mode you were referring to.

any help you can provide further would be greatly appreciated.


When you mention firmware 1.13 I assume you are talking a rebadged 2GIG GoControl 2 panel. If so, there isn’t a choice - the GC2 panel must act as a secondary Z-wave controller by 2GIG design thus the ST hub must be the primary. And yes, this means you have to basically remove all of our devices from the GC2 panel and re-include each one to the ST hub. Once all are re-added then you set up the ADC as the secondary downloading the ST hub’s device list (following the Best Practices mentioned above). Lastly, you will have to resync the panel to and will see new devices to have to set up all over again (mostly all in ADC’s emPower pages). Altho, understand that just about all your SECURITY sensors on that 2GIG are proprietary, not Z-wave (accept maybe an extra siren), so those won’t change at all on your ADC setup.

Yep, it’s a fairly big effort to want to go thru if you want the additional power/customization that SmartThings introduces which ADC has no intention of even doing :wink:

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I had a feeling this is what you were going to say. I contacted my alarm companies tech support to see if they had any other customers calling and trying to do the same thing. They said that they did and that it was possible. They also said they had some specific steps that I could follow and that they would email them to me. We’ll see what they send me.

Then apparently you do not the popular GoControl 2 panel which is the whole point of this thread as there are many other sites besides ST here (Vera, etc) that have discussed ad nauseum about the GC2 panel having no means in its firmware to pass down its Zwave devices to a secondary hub.

Good luck with your Tech Support endeavors! They will have figured out something that no other ADC partner has as well as stumped even the OEM mfr 2GIG :wink:

I guess I wasn’t specific enough in my reply. I was actually trying to say that I called my customer service to verify that the GoControl 2 panel that I have will work as a secondary z-wave hub to the ST v2 hub and pass through all the devices. So that they can be seen by the web portal and app.

So in that sense I was agreeing with you.

On the other hand I have personally gotten my GC2 panel to pass down z-wave devices to my Logitech Harmony Hub as a secondary hub and the GC2 as a primary. Door locks, lights, water heater, etc. so I know it’s possible. All that I needed to do with Add the Logitech hub as if it were any other z-wave device and put the Logitech hub in inclusion mode and keep them right next to each other while the Logitech hub downloaded all of the devices from the GC2.

I tried the same process with the ST v2 but with no success, which brought me to researching whether or not the GC2 could be used as a secondary without losing any ADC functionality.

@gomezjr If I can ask. What lock do you have? I have a Yale Real Living and my panel is seeing it but it shows up as yellow in my panel device view and isn’t being passed to my ADC web account.

thanks for the post. do you still have firmware v1.14? Would like to try it out on my panel. Thanks

the lock (any security) needs to be paired with the 2Gig panel

I had the same issue and had to pair my Kwickset with the 2gig panel for it to work (make sure the lock is near the panel when you pair to avoid any security pairing issues)

Once its paired, you can move it to the permanent location and perform a zwave repair

I’m relatively new to ST & the community so i apologize if i ask something obvious. Anyway so far i really like my ST system but i’d like to add some z-wave devices (garage door opener, etc) and prof. security/fire monitoring since i leave my pups at home alone during the day. I’ve been reading online reviews and i think i’m going to purchase a system from frontpoint. According to this review site they use but it doesn’t look like they use 2Gig panels so i have a couple questions.

  1. Does anyone know if they do support 2Gig? If not does the panel they use integrate with ST?
  2. Has anyone connected a Frontpoint system to ST? If so could you explain how?
  3. Is Frontpoint my best option? From the review online they seem like a good company but is there someone that works with ST better/ is a better overall company?

can you tell me how to make the 2gig sencondary?? i can not for the life of me figure it out. it always says “primary” and no option to change it… Im super new to this… just installed the smartthings hub

Is ST seeing your 2gig panel as a secondary?
If yes… Try rebooting the 2gig panel and performing a network repair (on the 2gig). This was how I was able to force it populate my z-wave devices. Don’t forget to do a cell test afterward to sync up with ADC.

It will
Show up on my st app but I can’t do anything with it. On the 2g panel it still shows itself as primary. I’ve removed the cell module as I’ll be using it only for a few other functions and not with an alarm company. More as a stand alone. i haven’t found the network repair option on it either…

Here’s a good quick video on repairing the network.

December 6
Here’s a good quick video on repairing the network.

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krennpowersports john
December 5
It will Show up on my st app but I can’t do anything with it. On the 2g panel it still shows itself as primary. I’ve removed the cell module as I’ll be using it only for a few other functions and not with an alarm company. More as a stand alone. i haven’t found the network repair option on it eit…
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Didn’t change that the panel is still the primary

Hey John,

I’ve been out of the country for the past few weeks. Just wanted to see if you were able to resolve this issue. Coincidentally, I returned to a severely degraded ST/2GIG network and had to rebuild from scratch. Seems that the latest update torpedo’d my configuration. As it stands, I am unable to replicate what I did before to add the 2GIG panel as a secondary. I’ll keep trying as time permits, but I’m experiencing the EXACT same issue as you were/are.

I didn’t. I just use it separately. Figure some day I’ll replace it with something better. But still building up my home automation

So when you say you got it fully working, do you mean that you are able to have locks paired with ST send appropriate signals to the GC panel to turn off the alarm when the appropriate unlock codes are entered? I have been holding off making GC a secondary controller with ST primary for this very reason. Currently I have both running as primaries with no interaction between the two. Would love to be able to trigger some actions on the ST attached devices based upon sensors from GC. However, my understanding is that while GC might see devices on the ST when it is made a secondary controller, but that security info such as user codes would not transmit thru ST to the GC.