Smartthings and 2Gig with

No, I have not (nor will) tie an unlock event to disarming the system. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. ADC has no issues in the past several months now that my Kwikset has been added to the primary ST with GC2 secondary. And ADC indeed has a “Security System” event rule to Disarm from User Code. But locks cannot send WHICH user code was entered so ANY legit code would disarm your system and regardless of any code schedule rules - hence that very warning that ADC tells you there in the rule and why I absolutely would never do that :wink:

Now, as for GC2 sensors and ST - Read these earlier threads carefully:

  • The ST itself cannot control Arm/Disarm state of the GC2 - if you were hoping for much more complex alarm rules/conditions that ST affords or were hoping to ditch ADC’s emPower subscription upgrade, you can’t if you want rules around alarm actions around Z-wave devices like this
  • The GC2 “sensors” like window contacts, motion, image, and anything else not Z-wave are proprietary to 2gig alarming and cannot (directly) change any complex state or invoke actions/rules on the ST hub. There are tricks to ST polling a certain Z-wave device’s state to take action, but still deemed too unreliable for an actual alarm call to dispatch

Basically ST and GC2 cannot control much of each other (and understandable that 2gig does NOT want 3rd-party devices that could make them liable for a missed alarm condition). No, basically all of this is so that you can leverage the power and customization of ST on the same Z-wave devices throughout your house that you’ll also need ADC to simultaneously control.

Any update on this? I have GC3 panel and I’m trying to do something much simpler. I just want my GC3 to report sensor data to my smart things hub. I don’t need them to control each other. I have like 12, 345 sensors throughout the house I would like my smart hub to react to them. Failing that the zwave devices the GC3 is currently using would also be useful to report to my smart things hub.

I am looking into this option as I am switching out my L5100 to the latest ands greatest 2Gig and just want ST to see the sensors from the 2gig panel. Possible?

No. ST and GC2/3 link at the zwave level sharing things but not great. I can’t get mine to work reliably for long periods of time. Many problems here. Alarm inputs/outputs are not accessible under the zwave device side of the panel thus not available to ST.

the 2gig will only have wireless devices and no zwave devices since I am going from l5100 to 2gig v3

OK, now what?

I have the two devices paired and I’m not seeing anything useful.

Here is what I’m trying to do:
My house has a 2Gig GoControl alarm system that was once monitored by All of the windows sensors and motion sensors are the 345MHz type, and thus incompatible with ST. I want to have the 2Gig panel become a bridge between the 345 devices and the 900MHz ST hub. What I’d ideally like to do is if a window is left open for more than 5 hours, IFTTT sends me a message telling me to close it.

Now I paired the devices slightly differently than described above.

  1. GoControl/2Gig Panel: Services>tools>wrench>1561>advanced toolbox> shift controller
    It intially says that it is in primary mode
  2.> my hub> (at bottom of page) View Utilities > (under Z-wave utilities) "Leave/Join another Z-Wave network"
    Within seconds the GoControl/2gig panel changes and says “The panel’s Z-wave controller type has been changed to " Secondary”. and on the smartthings website, if you go to “my Devices” a new device was added called “Z-Wave Controller”. Its active, and has this raw description: “zw:L type:0200 mfr:009B prod:1000 model:1001 ver:37.84 zwv:3.42 lib:01 cc:86,72,98”
  3. I ran a repair network from utilities link and a similar network rediscovery on the 2Gig.
    OK… So where are all my window sensors?
    2 reasons I think (and I might be answering my own question):
    on the GoControl/2Gig panel under “my devices” it lists only 2 devices (not 25, which would be all of my sensors) : one static controller, node 1, ID unknown, and a “PC controller, inclusion incomplete!..”

So this tells me 2 things… maybe my door/window sensors aren’t officially Z-wave devices. and the link somehow isn’t kosher. Do I need a device handler? do I need to re-pair the controllers? are the 345 2Gig sensors not considered Z-Wave, and can’t be monitored/controlled by a ST? … can I create virtual switches on the 2Gig that the ST can sense?

I’m sorry - what do you want to archive with the integration? I have integrated trough and SmartThings. Also ST is not really reliable as a security system. Thanks!

Hi, I think the want/need here is that the 345mHz sensors are often in place, have lower power consumption, and are in theory more reliable than z-wave sensors, and that it’s desirable for those of us that have a focus on automation and less on an alarm panel to use those sensors for rules and triggered events etc. within SmartThings or IFTTT.

I’m in the same boat in that I have a SmartThings hub, a GC2 panel on 1.16, and a bunch of 2GIG equipment I want to use as eyes and ears for triggering events on SmartThings.

All I want are stateful events (door open/door closed etc.) pulled out of the 2GIG panel. This is not an unreasonable want, and I got the impression some folks had made this happen before from earlier posts.

Anyone have a solution for using the 345mHz devices as more agnostic sensors versus a monitored alarm? Thanks.

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Did you ever received a confirmation or tried this?

I’m trying to decide on getting a GC3 hoping it’ll do what you say (sending sensor status to the ST hub so ST hub can control lights if a door is open for example… dont care about armin/disarming or using ST device to trigger alarms)

My other option is to get the new ADT/ST panel which will allow the ST side of things to react to ADT sensors.

What I’m trying t avoid is having to install 2 door sensors on each door, one for ST and one for the GC3.

Can’t seem to find a definite answer.

It wont work. Sensors are only going to be paired on the 2 gig panel.

That is what has been said here over and over:

Alarm-based sensors (windows, doors, motion, etc) on the GC2 (or GC3) CANNOT even be seen or reported to an ST hub. They are proprietary to the 2gig panel. Only (ADC) can report on them from your 2gig panel. And with ADC’s optional emPower $ubscription can you create rule actions that control Z-waves devices you paired between the ST hub and the 2gig panel as Secondary. It’s only rules to those Z-wave devices that the ST hub could monitor.

Maybe somebody has something out there to somehow tie to your ADC cloud acct to scrape these alarm sensors - but IMHO you are crazy to allow a 3rd-party app to monitor/control your acct any more than your ST Hub and its devices controlling your 2gig panel’s arming and especially disarming.