Trying to get 2Gig to report status to SmartThings

Hello Everyone,

I am really new at this home automation. I have pretty much everything running fine with my smart things but I would wish it would gather slightly more intelligence.

What I am looking for is for my alarm panel (2Gig) to send the status to my smart things. I just want ST to know when the alarm panel is armed or disarmed.

Is there a way to do this?

2gig makes alarm panels using different communication protocols. What’s the exact model of your panel?

I have the GC2 Security & Control Panel

I have the 2gig GC2 as well with

I gotta tell ya, I’ve searched for about a year on this subject with no luck. If you do a search on here for 2gig, you’ll see a couple ideas regarding some IFTTT integration with emails from your provider if you have one (like I do with but to be honest, I didn’t even attempt that because I couldn’t really get the gist of how to specify what email says what to trigger what. All the emails are pretty generic so specifics is what you’d really want with smartthings.

I’m not trying to detour you at all, I’d honestly love to spark up this conversation and see if this could happen as well, but so far, no luck. It’s not smartthings as much as the 2gig not being so open to integration (probably for security reasons) from what I’ve gathered. As far as I’ve gotten is to share some zwave devices with installer code, but definitely nothing regarding anything alarm / status related.

Best advice. Do like me, let that contract run out, get yourself geared more toward products that integrate with smartthings :slight_smile:

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There’s some discussion of combining the two zwave networks (GC2 and SmartThings) in the following old thread, but it’s going to be a limited integration at best and will only include the Z wave devices, not any zigbee devices that you also have.

It’s really going to come down to the specifics of what you’re trying to accomplish. Using IFTTT is a man in the middle will work for some use cases, the main problem being that there can be a 15 minute lag on email processing.

Setting one as the primary and the other is the secondary should get rid of the lag, but you run into some other issues, one being that whenever you want to add a new device, you pretty much have to completely re-add the secondary because there’s no controller shift option with smartThings.

There’s also a whole set of issues because the two gig is a security system and has its own internal requirements separate from just being a Z wave controller. Basically it doesn’t want to play nice with smart things because that would be a security vulnerability. So in order to do anything with the two gig panel you will need to have your installer code.

So there are some things you can do to tie the two of them together but it’s a very incomplete integration.


Thanks guys for the feedback. Really sucks that I cant do something without IFTTT. I cant believe this because you would think is would be a given with 2Gig to send out its status.

Thanks anyways guys.

The GC2 panel has an Open Collector terminal that you can program Q78 to “(01) Activated when armed” or maybe you want “(08) Activated on any alarm”? Then you should be able to monitor that dry contact state with a MIMOlite Zwave device or similar once OC (pin 4) pulls to GND. But you can’t monitor both arm and alarmed (or other) states for better detail.

I personally could not get the MIMOlite to work because my GC2 panel is nowhere close to any wall outlets and the MIMO’s SIG1 input just doesn’t seem to work right if you try to also piggyback the 14VDC battery-backed power from the GC2’s PWR terminals that the MIMO was right next to :frowning: SIG1 always wanted to stay high at ~13.4V forever. But if drug a long extension cord to plug in the MIMO’s power brick, everything worked! I also wanted ST alarm state to trigger the GC2 alarm to call ADC and those relay terminals always worked to trigger the GC2’s Hardwire Loop 1 terminal (but not relevant to your topic here).

But keep in mind something here - you are basically having no choice but to install a “weak link” radio Zwave device to pass arm/alarm status to your ST hub. Same reasons 2gig will never let a Zwave device trigger their alarm. And if you use a battery dry contact device instead of a line-powered MIMO you have to worry about batteries, too. Moral of story - If you want the cops or fire trucks to come, better stick with the monthly ADC monitoring :slight_smile: