2gig panel and sensors in smarttings

I know this has been discussed quite a bit and there isn’t full integration or a decent master / slave situation with 2gig panel and smartthings. I did at one point get extra Zwave devices on 2gig panel to share across to smartthings hub but what I can’t seem to figure out is why all of my sensors for Windows and such aren’t listed in the Zwave section of the panel. They’re definitely not wired and 2gig definitely uses Zwave.

So what I’m wondering is if anyone knows where these window / door sensors exist in the 2gig and if in fact Zwave, why I can’t get them across to both devices like I have with other Zwave devices?

If I can get this figured out I could probably just run an IFTTT based on emails from to allow arming panel to trigger modes across to smartthings but ultimately I’d really just like to be on smartthings and want my sensors on there.

So I’m curious if anyone can tell by pictures what the heck these sensors are. No branding on them so I can’t even begin to find information about what they are.

Thanks in advance, hopefully I explained this well.

I’m not an expert at device integration by any means. I did some quick web searches and found one that looks like this identified as a dw10 on Amazon. Along with that we’re some question and answers that said the panel speaks z-wave but those sensors do not. They use a proprietary rf frequency to speak to the panel.

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I finally found my answer as well and you’re right. They’re not zwave, still holds the heavyweight title of keeping all integration out so they can be the one stop solution. Real bummer. Guess I’ll slowly just keep working away from it until the contract is up. :wink:

I found them under installer toolkit section. I at least was able to finagle my installer code outta current provider.