Pair 2Gig GC3 as secondary

I am trying to connect my 2gig GC3 panel to smartthings. I go to the app and try to add a device (I plugged the hub in next to the panel) and I go to the section on the panel that says listening for the primary hub. Nothing happens. What am I doing incorrectly?

Here is the other image from the panel.

You’ve got it backwards…the secondary controller wouldn’t be paired to the hub but instead directly to the devices. Z wave allows for multiple controllers on the same network but the controllers don’t talk to each other, the devices simply talk to both controllers. I believe what you are seeing there is to add another 2gig panel as the primary so that you can have 2 of the same panel talking to each other. Not a secondary z wave controller.

Yes but everyone is stating they connected the 2gig to the smartthings to access the alarm functions etc.

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Everyone is stating this? Could you provide a link to the forum post for that because I couldn’t find one. This is the closest I’ve come and it uses, IFTTT and your email to get it to work. Not very secure IMHO.