SmartThings Accounts & Samsung Accounts

Does everyone’s

logon page look like this now?

Yes. I noticed it earlier today.

I guess they are getting ready for the account transfer. The transfer scares me.

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That signin option has been there for months for me ever since I got a new Samsung phone and enabled Samsung Connect or something. Luckily I read somewhere not to use it unless you are a new ST user. Otherwise it would reset your whole account IIRC.

It’s bumpy for new users right now though…

I setup a new ST hub in my mum’s new place on Jan 7th. She has a Samsung phone and existing Samsung acct. Following ST instructions I used the existing Samsung acct. Lots of issues. Eventually worked but it initiated with two locations. And constant “you don’t have a hub yet” stuff. Then went back to tweak her setup on Jan 14th and couldn’t login on phone app and IDE. Kept asking for the welcome code but that didn’t work since it was already setup. Eventually cleared all data on phone app, kept trying and got back in. Almost reset the hub at one point. I still can’t delete the erroneous first location but was able to delete its Hello home default setup etc.

A heads up would have been nice. But I guess they thought the new system would work for all.

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Why did they have to make this whole login procedure so “complicated”. First I get the Welcome screen and I have to click the Login button. Then it asks me to provide my email account. Next screen I have to select which account (ST or Smartthings). Then the next screen it ask for email and password.

I come back an hour later and I have to do this all again.

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Are you talking about from the Mobile App?

This shouldn’t be the case. I never have to log back in.

What permissions does your ST app have on the phone? Do you have Contact, Location and Storage selected?

Not the mobile app but rather the web IDE. Check it out