Password / Login Problems

I am adding a family member to our ST Hub. This has been an absolutely horrendous process and so far we have been at it several hours and she is still not a user.

I clicked Add User in the mobile app - no email received by her. I removed the user, repeated Add User - no email received. I removed the user again, repeated again Add User and this time she received the email.

She had previously set up a new Samsung and ST accounts. She clicked “Verify” and was taken to the account she had previously set up in Samsung. She can log into but cannot log into using the same credentials.

We went back to and changed her pw. But she STILL cannot log into to activate her account.

This is the most frustrating experience ever. The whole Samsung UX experience is just awful. Right now we are at our wits end getting this new user set up.

What do we do now? This should have been an easy 5 minute process, not hours wasted.

PS. I went through similar pain when I first set up my ST account. I had to increment numbers on my pw three or four times to finally get it to “take.”