Switching accounts

Hi all,
I have a tricky situation since we unified the SmartThings account with Samsung’s.

I used to have two accounts, one with SmartThings associated with a work email, another personal with Samsung. When the account unification happened I transitioned my SmartThings hub to the Samsung account with my work email. Now I changed job and don’t have access to that email anymore. I have the credentials for both, but when I tried to change my SmartThings account away from the work email it said I couldn’t because my other email was already taken as a Samsung account.

I would like to transition my devices configured with SmartThings to the other account. I’d there an easy way to either merge the accounts or export the configuration and import it?

How do I reset the hub to use the other account?

Any other tips you have are welcome

I would recommend contacting ST support at https://support.smartthings.com

I would think you could log in to the Samsung account, switch it to a different email, then use that email to switch the ST account onto. But if there’s any confirmation through your old email address then contacting them is probably your only option…