Smartthings Hub V3 does not work in Canada

I am new to ST and bought Smartthings Hub V3 directly from site trying to use in Canada. First, I download the classic app, then it keep asking a code to add the hub. Second, I download the new Smartthings App (smartthings connect), and followed the instruction of adding new V3 hub:

  • devices,

then choose Manually Add Devices,
choose Wi-Fi / Hub
there are only 3 devices listed: Samsung Connect Home; Samsung Smartthings Wifi; Smarthings hub STH-ETH-200, STH-ETH001. There is V3 IM6001 listed.

I called ST support line, she told me that new V3 hub does not support in Canada and there is no estimated time for release to support V3 working in Canada.

Now I have to process to return the new Hub. Sad

You might want to wait just a few days.

Various Canadian customers are experimenting with Android settings, etc., etc., that may get the Hub connected.

I don’t know exactly how successful anyone has been yet… But I’m optimistic.

I can confirm that ST hub v3 works in Canada once setup via VPN and location spoofing. I will try to get instructions to set it up.


Glad to know. I tried turning on VPN on my cell phone, but the app still does not show Hub V3 on the list. I am new to this, may need to figure out how to location spoofing.

Wouldn’t you need to connect your home network to a VPN? You want to make Samsung’s servers think that your hub is not in canada.

It shouldn’t matter where your phone appears to be connecting from.

I am on Bell internet with Bell’s modem hub in basement, home network is going through a TP-link POE switch to other floors. Smartthings Hub will be located beside TP-Link Switch in the basement. No idea how to route a VPN by using Bell’s modem.

I believe the solution a Korean user found was that he first had to setup a VPN that went through a USA server and he then had to create a Samsung account while connected to said VPN. He couldn’t use his account that was created while outside the USA.

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It would be nice for someone official with Smartthings to at least comment on whether or not official support for countries other than the US for the V3 hub is being worked on or not. There is a lot of misinformation floating around right now and it would be nice to know if I have a paperweight or something I will be actually able to use in the future.

I understand if they are having technical difficulties getting this working in other countries but also look at this as they can’t be that difficult that they would never work. If they can make it work in one country they should be able to make it work in almost any especially if they want to stay in the consumer market.

The issue is more likely regulatory, not “technical”.

Every country or region has their own radio transmission / frequency / interference standards that need to be met in order to be certified (FCC, etc.). This takes extensive testing and time.

There are also unique consumer protection, contract, and privacy laws…

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Yup, and the version 1 and 2 of these devices have already been implemented/supported in Canada and other countries so I don’t see any reason why the Version 3 one couldn’t be either. It’s still using the same software and is just newer hardware. at this point. I was told by support that it was a technical issue being worked though so speculating it is something other than that is just adding to the confusion right now.

Again, just a simple statement from Samsung on this device outside of the US is all I am looking for at this point.

Samsung has made it clear that they are taking SmartThings worldwide.

That doesn’t mean that the same hardware will work everywhere, though we can guess that they’ll try in most cases to minimize the number of different hardware variations.

But like absolutely any product: If it doesn’t work they way you need it to at this moment in time, you should never rely on a promise that it will work in the future.

SmartThings made many “promises” for Hub V2 that were never delivered (Bluetooth, ubiquitous local execution, migration tool, even, I think, increased support for Windows mobile, …).

So what value is a “simple statement” regarding Hub V3 in Canada? I recommend waiting until an actual solution is delivered.

Anything else invites frustration and disappointment.


Thanks, you seem to be the definitive answer here for all things Smartthings and I shouldn’t have ever questioned anything apparently.

Edit: I will be looking to return the smartthings hub since it will never work here in Canada.

Smartthings customer services response:


Thank you for contacting SmartThings. I’m sorry about the confusion and frustration with the supported release of the SmartThings Hub v3 in Canada.

We are tracking this interest, and I have linked our conversation and this correspondence to the tracking of this feature request. You mentioned that you had purchased it via As it is not yet available in Canada, and there is not an estimated time frame, you will want to contact our Samsung Customer Services Team to return your order by visiting this [link}( , sending an email or by calling: 1-855-726-8721. They should be able to help with the return process. Unfortunately, I am not able to initiate a refund or a return for the SmartThings v3 Hub.

Again, I apologize for the trouble. Please keep me posted with how it goes, or if you have other questions or suggestions. I’m here to help!

Kind regards,

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I’m not 100% sure if your response is snark or sarcasm, because, kid you not, I can dish it out, but I frequently don’t recognize it in return.

My intention was not to disparage your genuine desire for answers, but to save you time and emotional energy by sharing that you’re not likely to get a trustworthy answer.

Hub V2 is nearly as powerful as V3, and possibly less expensive, and it works in Canada :maple_leaf: (so far…), so that may be worth considering.

Meanwhile, Hub V3 can (I hear) be successfully initiated in Canada via establishing a US based Samsung Account and/or possibly some other GPS or VPN workaround - we’re waiting for one of our ActionTiles Customers to share the details of the workaround he came up with.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that SmartThings Support has given an unambiguous answer as to the current situation and their recommendation of a return…

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I’m not here for a fight. just frustrated at this point that Samsung allows these devices to be sold to locations where they aren’t supported currently and aren’t being forthcoming towards what it is they are working on.

My apologies if I took my frustrations out on you. It’s certainly not your fault.


A completely understandable frustration. But the situation is not unusual for Samsung and, in variations, other corporations.

Nothing personal - but the simple solution for consumers is to curb their urge to be early adopters. It’s inefficient use of time. Everyone seems to assume that the “latest” = “greatest”… When this is typically very untrue in practice.

Latest = incomplete rollout, slower support (both official support and customer peer support) due to lack of experience, undiscovered and unresolved bugs, Features that only exist in specification (e.g., Bluetooth, migration), but not in reality, higher price (prices tend to drop after the initial demand decreases), low supply and backorders, … etc.

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Hi Alex… I got a SmartThings Hub 2018 too and would like to know how to get it to work in Canada. Thanks

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I will get this information from my client and will share here. Meanwhile, I also have a Hub v3 on order.

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Thanks so much…this would be great if it worked. I was waiting for it to arrive and then finding out it did not work sucked.

The process to get SmartThings Hub V3 in Canada is roughly this:

Good luck!

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