Smartthings 2018 Button bounce?

Last year I purchased the new smartthings button (Model Number: IM6001-BTP01) and was impressed overall with the look and feel of the button. I use it to simply turn on a light when pressed or held.
Lately however, when the button is pressed, the lights will go on, turn off, then go back on again. The same happens when turning off the lights (off, on then off). When I look at the events of the switch I see within a two second period, the switch is pressed three times (even though I know I do a quick press). It happens ALL the time now, no matter how quick and deliberate I am with the button press.
Does anyone else use this button and have this problem?

@Bob_Dunkle, that usually means the hub is not able to respond to the device to let it know the message was received successfully so the device resends the message two more times. If you want to PM me I can take a look at the route through your network the button is using to communicate with the hub. Typically restarting the devices along the route will fix an issue like this.

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