Smartthings 2015 motion sensor not sensing motion

I have a smartthings (smartsense) 2015 motion sensor that has stopped sensing motion. I have reset (button down coin battery in orange light on release button) and repaired it several time.s It pairs, but will not detect motion. when paired, events shows temp, battery level, and motion stopped.

Hey there! @awestun have you already tried the troubleshooting steps included here in this article below?

The article states to check things such as Battery life(yours could be low), checking for interference from other Smart devices nearby. It could also be out of range of the hub which is what I would try first, if possible to move.

You can locate that information here:

Having the same issue with one of my motion sensors too. Placed it right next to the hub and no motion detects. Replaced the battery. Even removed and readded the sensor. Had a hard time re-pairing the sensor with the hub as well.

I ended up just replacing that defective motion sensor. though kept it for parts. haha

you can purchase a used kit for around $50 on ebay.

Probably not worth it at that price. Can get the newer Samsung model for like $20 on amazon unless you need the form factor.

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by kit for $50 I meant that you can get another hub (sell), 2 window/door sensors, motion, and outlet. makes each item about $10.

Has anyone figured this out? I am having the exact same issue. About two weeks ago all of my Zigbee devices went offline. I could not get them to reconnect. I called Samsung and they had no clue. Then about 2 days later they all went back online. But since this happened my motion sensor has stopped detecting motion. However it does still read battery and temp. Thanks.

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Same issue with my second Samrtsense motion sensor (2015 model);
No problem to pair but motion is not detected at all.
Tried also to re-pair several time close to my hub, but no success.
Temperature and battery status works fine (i tried to replace battery two times also)
Tried also to check updates by IDE. Still no motion detected.

i now have 2 of the st 2015 motion detectors that have totally stopped detecting motion.