SmartThings 1st gen Welcome Code

Has anyone had any luck with obtaining the welcome code for their first gen hub? Contacting Samsung by phone and email but not getting anywhere.

@Brad_ST i heard you might be able to help? Thanks!

FYI… the first generation hub (v 1) is being shut down on June 30, 2021

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What @jkp said - if you recently purchased this device - I’d ask for a refund and get a V.2 or better.

Thanks for the messages. I actually bought this hub back in 2016, hence long since mis-placing the welcome code.

I presume with it being shut down soon I can still use the hub assuming I can find the code?

Are you certain it is a v1 hub or could you have a v2?

Again, on June 30th, the v1 hubs will be bricked. You can use it for the next 19 days if you choose but why waste your tIme if it is the v1 :slight_smile:


My V1 hub is down. Can someone recommend a link that has hardware options for me to replace it for a reasonable price? The FAQ link Samsung has is does not recommend any hardware.

The Smartest House has the aeotec hubs

And yes, the v1 hubs were shut down on June 30, 2021

Thank you. I just ordered one. This is going to be a pain in the but. All my Zigbee lights pair by powering them on and off 4 times. I have a boat load of lights in every room in the house.

The worse thing is they no longer show up in the app. It would have been nice to see the old one when setting up the new hub. Also I have 16 zones on my alarm system.