SmartThings 1st gen Welcome Code

Has anyone had any luck with obtaining the welcome code for their first gen hub? Contacting Samsung by phone and email but not getting anywhere.

@Brad_ST i heard you might be able to help? Thanks!

FYI… the first generation hub (v 1) is being shut down on June 30, 2021

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What @jkp said - if you recently purchased this device - I’d ask for a refund and get a V.2 or better.

Thanks for the messages. I actually bought this hub back in 2016, hence long since mis-placing the welcome code.

I presume with it being shut down soon I can still use the hub assuming I can find the code?

Are you certain it is a v1 hub or could you have a v2?

Again, on June 30th, the v1 hubs will be bricked. You can use it for the next 19 days if you choose but why waste your tIme if it is the v1 :slight_smile: