SmartThings Hub 2013/v1 (model PGC422-C) support

I was an early adopter of SmartThings, back before Samsung bought the company. I have a handful of devices connected to it that have worked for 5+ years: two LG-branded dimmable zigbee light bulbs, two ZCOMBO Z-wave smoke/CO2 detectors, and some smart plugs.
In fall 2020, the dimmer feature of the light bulbs abruptly stopped working. They can turn on or off, but do not respond to any commands to change the brightness. Around the same time, I purchased another ZCOMBO Z-wave smoke/CO2 detector, but the hub cannot see it for some reason.
Has this model of the hub been discontinued or dropped from support? I have already tried to factory reset the hub (which was a major pain in the neck), with no improvement. I am confused that these devices have stopped working or cannot be seen. Should I just bite the bullet and purchase a new hub?

they stopped releasing firmware updates for the v1 hub so for that reason… the hub is really on its last legs.


If I were to replace it with a newer model, which SmartThings product should I get? I already have a solid wifi network, so I don’t think I’d want the Hub/Wifi model. The only other Hub I see at the Samsung SmartThings product page is the v3 2018 model. Is that right?

ST is getting out of the hardware business and is licensing it out to other companies.

a rebranded aeotec hub should be available soon…


I agree with @jkp. Even if it were working perfectly, I’d be looking at my replacement plan and option.

And as to your immediate issue - run a Zwave repair lately to see if anything is having trouble communicating? On a v.1 hub you can’t trigger repair from the app, but you can from the IDE: Look under My Hubs > Utilities (buried about halfway down the page)

Also Zwave repair logging is broken in the IDE so you’ll have to watch the log under the hub event log for the repair notes. So back up one page and look just under Utilities for ‘list events’ The Zwave repair will be in that log.

if things aren’t working right - can’t hurt to trigger one.

So I can either get a Samsung v3 2018 device that uses a 3+ year old hardware spec or wait for the Aeotec devices to become available.

I do wish there were other hubs that had the broad support for Z-wave and Zigbee…

The aeotec IS the v3 hub, just with a different label. Same outdated specs.


Interestingly, I just received an e-mail offer to upgrade my 2013 model SmartThings hub to a current-model Aeotec hub with a pretty steep discount:

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I will say, that $35 deal is relatively good and no onerous trade-in required.

The cheapest Hub v3 I ever saw was $49, late last year before it went abruptly out of stock.

However, just like always, there’s still no way to transfer between an old hub and a new one:

It is not possible to back up your existing smart home setup and restore it on the new hub. You will need to reconnect devices to the new Hub and recreate Scenes or Automations using the SmartThings app. If you need assistance with this transition, feel free to check out this articleor contact contact

There are several on the market now, depending on which country you live in. See the following:

Alternative Hubs

They are retiring several hub models. Details in the following thread. (The topic title is a clickable link)