Buying a used Smartthings Hub - Does it have to be deactivated by previous owner?

Hopefully a fairly simple answer.
Are SmartThings Hubs attached to an account in the same way Amazon Echo devices are linked to an Amazon account? So if I purchased a used V3 hub will I have problems activating it with my new account if the previous owner has not de-activated it? Can it be reset to factory standards or does this have to be done by Samsung?

In short - Yes.

It CAN be forced by support if you can PROVE you’re the owner. But be advised some people don’t have stellar results when dealing with support. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @nathancu. Could you clarify please.
Are you saying I will have problems if I purchase a used hub or are you saying Support can do a remote factory reset?
If a factory reset removes any account bindings can I not do that myself or does that require logging in to the device rather than an external mechanical “reset hole”?
Many thanks

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I’m saying that people have reported many issues with invalid welcome codes when trying to join used v.2/v.3 hubs. There have been mixed reports from those same people as to how successful they’ve been getting a second hand hub joined.

A factory reset will not allow a hub with a tied up welcome code to join a location - you must have it reset if it’s claimed. What I’m saying is if you run into that issue you can contact support and they SHOULD be able to help - but you better have clear proof it’s your hub else they won’t reset the welcome code.

V3 doesn’t use the welcome code

So if you were gonna sell a used V2 hub or give it to a friend. How or what should a person do to the hub to allow them to use it? Contact support beforehand? Is there some way to unclaim a hub?

Just curious??

Thanks for clarification @nathancu,
As I dont have an account or a hub I had no idea about welcome codes. Is this something sent out by email from Samsung when you create a Smartthings account or does it come boxed with a new hub? Do you enter the code in the hub when you log in to activate it?
@Troy-Owens seems to think there is no welcome code with a V3 hub? If that’s the case how then do you register a hub with your account?
Sorry for all the questions but working in the dark a bit.

I just activated a used v3 hub for my workshop. I opened the phone app and created a location then added the hub. It asks to scan the QR code on the bottom of the hub and then adds it.

Thank you @troy-owens that seems to back up what you said in your previous post and @geoffrey_Annis seems to confirm it works.
Looks like I can buy a used V3 hub then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The first hub I bought was used and didnt have the welcome code with it…I emailed support
, gave them my model and serial number along with a picture and they emailed me the welcome code. It connected successfully.

As already covered v2 hubs use a welcome code while v3 hubs are codeless. Some Samsung products require that the owner “releases” the device but that doesn’t apply to either hub type. A factory reset of the hub by the person in possession of the hub should allow it to be activated again. If you get a notice from the app that the hub is already activated on an account you can try factory resetting again or contact support who can unclaim it. They can also provide a welcome code if you need it.


I hope this isn’t a hijack, but I’m having the following issue

I understand there are 3 current hubs and v3 is what aeotec makes .
There is 520, 525, 530

However I don’t understand what ones are designated V1, V2 V3

I also understand that
520 is called connect
525 is called wifi amd includes plume
530 is called connect pro and has very high speed radios

I also understand there are more boxy 1st generation models

Please what V# goes to what ???

The very first model of SmartThings Hub was released in 2013 and is referred to as the V1 hub. That has been bricked now so don’t go near one.

That was replaced in 2015 by a new hub that is either known as the 2015 hub or the V2. Although no longer in production it is still being maintained. I have three of them, all the first UK version (I think they changed manufacturer or something so there are different model numbers with cosmetic differences). Two of those were bought second hand. One had signs of having suffered from a battery leak issue (it was once common but it is supposed to be past tense) and the serial number was obliterated. That didn’t matter because the Welcome code worked, but if the Welcome code hadn’t worked I wouldn’t have been able to quote the serial number to get a new one. The other had a clear serial number but no Welcome code. That’s not a problem as you can get another one issued easily (so it is all a bit pointless). Still worth having, in my opinion, but in UK money I wouldn’t want to pay much more than £20 to get one.

A new hub was introduced in 2018, and that is known as the 2018 hub or the V3. Compared to the V2 it lacks the battery backup (which plenty of users like myself never use anyway) but includes WiFi and a dedicated Thread radio (currently unused, are are the Bluetooth and USB). It is often observed that on the processor side of things it has lower specs than the V2, though there has never been any evidence that is actually of any consequence. Any available new are old stock. I’ve never used one but it sounds like you want to get one with all its markings nice and clear if you are going second-hand.

More recently SmartThings have withdrawn from selling their own branded hardware. The Aeotec Smart Home Hub is the 2018/V3 hub with a different label on the top, made by the same company, Samjin, who made it for Samsung. Samjin now splatter their name all over the hub and packaging just so we all know they make it, and I believe they are also the exclusive seller of the hub in their own name in their part of the world. It is basically THE current model but I find the price eye watering.

The hubs have had various SmartThings model numbers, manufacturer model numners, retailer catalogue numbers and SKUs that have been conflated over the years to the point where it is hard to provide a useful list. However this is less true for the range of mesh routers with built in hubs where you usually find WV5xx or WV-5xx mentioned somewhere.

The ones with WV520 and WV530 in the model number date from 2017 and were branded as the Connect Home and Connect Home Pro. That is only really worth knowing so you avoid them.

The WV525 is the SmartThings WiFi hub and uses Plume for the mesh bit. I am not clear if this is still in production or there are just shed loads of them still on shelves but as I wouldn’t buy one I am not inclined to investigate. On the SmartThings side of things the hub firmware releases seem to lag well behind the times. It may seem tempting to just get one to have as a standalone hub but I am not sure I would bite.

In the UK when you go on eBay you see plenty of what appear to be WiFi hubs available at ridiculously cheap prices. There is a strong chance those are actually the Vodafone V-Home. Very roughly speaking, they are sold as part of a kit and there is a compulsory two year Vodafone subscription to unlock certain extra features. After two years the hub is no longer locked down and you can do with it what you like. I have seen it said that these don’t actually come with Plume enabled so I guess that means you have to use them as single WiFi hubs rather than as part of a mesh.

Imho the only one id actually buy on the list is the Aeotec.

Ive gone on record here multiple times saying thr WIFI hub is a bad idea (why combine something with a useful life of 3-5 years (wifi hub, average time before obselence) on the same box as something with a useful life of 6-10 years. (Zigbee /ZWave smart home hub). Especially when its such a major pain to switch between hubs. Also zigbee and WiFi interfere with each other and common advice is to keep the hubs /coordinators for each as far away from each other as possible… Also WiFi6 is now a thing and im not buying new wifi gear that’s not AX compatible.

Given that i advise people to invest in a good quality WiFi mesh thatbsupports WiFi6 and if you need the SmartThings hub, just get the Aeotec.

V2/v3 hubs are ok if you can source from a reputable supplier but at this point the v2 is thr oldest supported device and probably has only a few more years before it goes the way of the v1. To me the few bucks im going to savr on a used hib isnt worth my time if it doesn’t work out of the box. So ill suffer the cost of a few cups of coffee and buy a new Aeotec.