Welcome code for Hub

I have factory reset my Hub (pre 2018 model) and now it’s asking for welcome code to setup. I can’t find the welcome code and have been chasing SmartThings customer service from the last 5 days and all I am getting is auto response. Samsung U.K. website doesn’t provide any support (Chat or Call) for SmartThings. Why did Samsung buy SmartThings if it’s not worth the investment to service it’s customers.

Any other way out as all my SmartThings sensors and lights are or no use without hub.

when you first contacted them did you include your hub serial number.

the us customer service response is decently fast, usually within an hour or 2.

Some of the v2 hubs had the code printed on the inside of the battery compartment

Yes I did. I read an earlier post and hence knew that this information is needed.

Just checked nothing in the battery compartment

Is anyone from SmartThings customer service here reading these post? Worst customer service

SmartThings UK is completely gone, and Samsung UK has been utterly useless. I can’t add my v2 Hub to the App and it’s been weeks! All my smart home stuff is utterly useless and even SmartThings USA can’t solve it because OF COURSE Samsung thought it was a great idea to geolock the Hubs.

I agree Nicola. Samsung ruined an innovative venture and guess SmartThings founders either lacked confidence or were too greedy to just encash their stock and retire.

The response time from SmartThings was hours and maximum 12 hrs and now it took me 8 days to hear from them.

I am seriously considering writing off existing setup to find some other solution