Devices keep vanishing in new app!

Hi all

Okay so I had that email about the new app almost being ready so I thought what the hell I will install it and take a look.

All worked well last week. I could see all my devices and tbh I much prefer it to the old app. In short , it was all fine.

I am just trying to use the new app now but I’m having major issues with my devices vanishing!

So, I was just assigning some devices to rooms, everything was working fine… clicked the back arrow to go back to the home screen after assigning a device to a room (I had just done 3 before this), the devices all showed briefly, then they all vanished! LOL… what the hell!

Any help anyone please?


Omg now they are all back…I had to launch it a few times.

I only have one location in the drop down as well btw

Click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select Devices to check if all your devices are showing there.

If they are, go back to the main screen, click on More (the three dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Edit. You can click on > which is to the right of the Room name and check that all devices are selected. When selected they will appear on the main page, when not selected, they will be hidden.

Omg…just launched it again and they all appeared briefly then vanished again… I give up lol

launched what?

Launched the new app…sorry

I just cant get my devices to stay lol.

This is very odd

are you signing out or just force quitting the app?

are all your devices disappearing?

Force quit.

I’m going to wait till they vanish from the home screen and then check the devices in the side menu like you said.

are all your devices disappearing?

Yeah they all vanish!

It just did it again so I checked under devices on the side menu as you suggested and they are gone from there also!

click on the menu, You should see a Home location listed near the top with a down arrow. click on that down arrow and see if there are more than one Location showing

Nope nothing there to select…only one location which is home.

Okay so I just clicked on the ‘all devices’ menu option and they all show in that list!..

So… they come and go from the home screen, when they are gone they do not show when clicking the devices icon on the side menu but… they do show in the ‘all devices’ menu option that’s below all the icons in the side menu

go back to main screen, click on More (three dots in upper right of screen)
choose Edit

are all the Rooms selected on the Leftt of the Name?

There are no rooms…

Let me relaunch it to get the devices back on the home screen… then I will check as my rooms should be back too lol

This is nuts!

very strange! you may want to remove the app and perform a fresh install

Okay…took a few launches but…

Yes all the rooms are selected… I can only see the rooms under edit when I can see my devices on the home screen

And just to confirm…when I can see the devices on the home screen they show under the devices icon in the left side menu…

I think you make a good call… guess I will have to reinstall the app lol

any type of ad blocker software installed or adguard?

Nope no adblockers or anything…

I just reinstalled so I’m going to see what happens now lol…

Wish me luck!


okay I’m starting to take this personally now!

It’s doing the same thing!