Smartthing Hub V3 (2018) fails setup

We can even set-up hub properly yet, and i wonder how many more issue it will have trying to connect all 14 of the z-wave, zigbee devices i already ordered. ???

using Android? what is the ST app version?

Hi jkp, Samsung A50, 1.7.38-21

I have a feeling that some of these units in the warehouse have an older firmware. The trouble is that you can’t upgrade the firmware until the set up completes. I just lucked out, and the replacement that I received came up normal. You may want to pick up a unit from a local place like Best Buy and try that.

John, so replacement hub set up go thur ?

The replacement hub set up normally and I didn’t have any issues.

Thanks John, Bought one from best buy, but still not working, this is third Hub, try Ethernet with cable & wifi, different router, ph with wifi connected or with ph network connected, Connect with two different router, many
different combination possible, still not work, I’m afraid is my samsung A50 ph is culprit,

I’m about to ditch this ST and go with Home Assistant route,
And please don’t tell me my samsung ph is problem,
Samsung device is not compatible with samsung PH.

Are you saying that the ST App is not compatible with your phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it works fine on that. Did you check with tech support to confirm that the App is not compatible? Sorry to hear that.

Hi John, I read somewhere that certain phone having issue with setting-up ST, I gave my ph spec to last samsung tech i talk to and still waiting on them. I mean it can’t be this hard to do, I had set-up wifi thermostat & etc many times with very few issue, I’m a HVAC guy now and use to be electronic techie as teens. not very good at network stuff, and still leaning.

ST app seems working fine on my A50, it show all my wifi and bluetooth device.

During initial setup the ST App communicates with Hub via WiFi connection that it establishes directly with the hub. This WiFi network is a separate connection and not your home network WiFi. It’s possible that your WiFi setting on the phone is always locked on to your home network WiFi so it can’t communicate with the hub. You may try disabling your WiFi on the phone first and let the ST App turn it on automatically. The phone has a setting to automatically connect to your home WiFi. Something worth trying.

When I try set up in wifi mode, Yes, ST hub is connected to my ph wifi

, but it seem ST hub and my PH is never connecting to my home wifi.
In wired networks set up option, my PH is always connected to my home wifi.

I was having almost the same problem with my first unit. I tried using the wired LAN connection to the Hub and I was getting the issue where it would get stuck at 48% during setup. You should do a factory reset (pin plug, 30 seconds routine). In normal condition after the phone connects to the ST Hub directly through it’s own WiFi (Not your home WiFi) you will get a screen which will ask you to put in your Home WiFi network security info password etc. Once you do that then the Hub will connect to the Internet. When you first turn on the App to do set up, it asks you how you want to connect Ethernet or WiFi. If you choose WiFi you’ll later be prompted with the screen I mentioned above. If you choose Ethernet then if everything is working then it’ll start downloading the latest firmware and continue. I would try the Ethernet route instead of WiFi. Hope this helps.

If you ever get this thing to work, it’s pretty good and I’ve had no issues. My feeling is that it’s firmware related (buggy software) since you can’t have so many units with defective hardware. Their tech support should be aware that so many people are having the same exact issue and have an explanation.

I am assuming you’ve gone through this procedure.

Finally got it working, On First anther few try, My hub reset buttom somehow got stuck in reset position :anguished:, and finally problem was even my router internet was working fine, my internet provider reset the router remotely and vola it set-up in first try, i know i reset my router few times before . thanks John for your help.

Glad to hear. Adding other devices to the Hub is pretty easy and it should go smoothly. I installed a Kwikset Z-Wave Dead Bolt and it works pretty good. One tip that I would give you is that whenever you open the ST App, the app automatically opens WiFi. If you find this annoying, you can disable it by turning off the “auto device discovery” option in the settings for ST App. I found this annoying when I wasn’t at home and trying to remotely control something via my phone data connection and the WiFi would launch. Happy that you were able to get it going. Good luck!

Hi, I am having the same issue and I have tried factory resetting the device, hard wiring via Ethernet as well as wifi (wifi is my preferred connection choice since im out of Ethernet ports on my modem/router combo from Verizon).
my phone will connect to the ST hub but I never get prompted to select the wifi I want to connect to or enter in my wifi’s password it just says Hub is offline (if its connected via Ethernet) or No wifi networks found (if I try setting it up via wifi) I am using a samsung galaxy S8 phone to do the set up not sure if that makes a difference (but its the only phone I have access to).
any solutions or ideas on whats going on and why my brand new hub i got from amazon isn’t finishing the set up?

I too had a brand new unit from Amazon that failed set up. I returned it and got another one and that one came up normally. I have a feeling that it’s faulty firmware but you can’t upload firmware until you do set up so it’s catch 22. You may want to get another one and hope that the firmware on it is newer.