SmartTag2 Connectivity

Pertaining to the SmartTag2, do all Android devices participate in the Samsung Smart things find network or do these devices need the SmartThings app installed? Put another way, if a misplaced tag is in the vicinity of a stranger’s Android phone that does not have the SmartThings app installed, does it still report the location of the device?

Neither. Samsung’s Find network is only available on Galaxy devices. It doesn’t actually need the SmartThings app installed as the functionality is part of the system software and can be turned on using the phone’s settings.

It may do, but it would have to be a Galaxy device with ‘Offline Finding’ enabled.

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Thanks for the reply and useful information. I have a SmartTag2 on order but it is lost in shipping from Amazon. It is disappointing that the anonymous device would have to have ‘Offline Finding’ enabled. This severely limits the worth if these devices as compared to Apple Air Tags. Suppose I dropped my boat keys, for example, in a wooded area. Unless I have my phone on me at the time, the device must be near someone who has Galaxy device with ‘Offline Finding’ enabled in order to report it’s location. What are the odds? Very slim I would presume.