SmartTag 2 not updating "offline", only when manually refreshed

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I got myself a couple of SmartTag 2’s, and just started testing them. I’ve left one in my car and my wife took it to the shops. Now the tag works, it updates if i look at hit refresh, but it doesnt “track” it offline, it has no history except when i hit refresh. Following some guides, i’ve gone to settings and then to “Allow devices to be found”, but the list of devices that can be found offline are limited to my phone and watch, i dont see the option for the SmartTag 2’s. The Find app is obvoiusly installed.

I thought the idea of this was to track things and it bounces off the samsung network as it moves, not just when i happen to open it up and press refresh? Am i missing something?


I believe they are not meant for that.
You would like to see them live on e.g. Google maps? Like those (paid) dog tracking devices?
On the SmartThings app however they show more or less the latest status.

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Apropos. As an extra (Apple tags also do it) if an unknown tag follows you you will get this warning that a tag is following you.
(In this case it was a friend and his Smarttag)
Is in dutch. I had it once on a long trainride… somebody was sitting in the same carriage I suppose.
What I do NOT know if everybody with a samsung phone gets this message, or only when you have the tag (find) installed.
Do click on the picture to see the whole text
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It is quite possible that you are missing something. I certainly am. I’ve had the previous version of the tags for quite some time now and I can’t say I really know what they are doing much of the time.

This is particularly true when they are moving about in close proximity to their ‘owner’ phone. The location of both the phone and tag seems to update at unpredictable intervals and a refresh seems to make no difference more often than not. They often report wildly different locations to each other. Indeed at the moment a phone and tag that should be at most a few yards apart show as about ten miles apart.

The behaviour seems a little more predictable once the tags have been left on their own for 20 or 30 minutes (I can’t remember which it is). That’s when they decide they are ‘lost’ and start pinging and the Galaxy phone network kicks in. That works pretty well.

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Thanks for the info, yeah basically live updates, i watched some review videos and such before i bought some and i understood from the videos they update every 10 minutes or something when in range of another Samsung device, and if you open their history you can see where they have moved about during the day.

For example, somene put one in his luggage to see where his bag went. But as i mentioned above, mine seemingly could move around all day as much as they want, and if i didnt open my app to look, i wouldnt know that they had moved. I just thought they udpated much more frequently via the smartthings network, not just when i chose to look to see where it is?

Yeah seems to be what im experiencing now, although my refresh seems a bit more accurate than yours is, but it does take a good 30 seconds sometimes tho. Its more the fact i can only see where it is RIGHT NOW, not where it has been over the last how ever many hours, which is what i thought the point of the smart things network was.

I think they’ve always pitched the Find network at locating ‘lost’ persons or things, rather than anything you could really consider as tracking, let alone historical tracking.

The SmartTags are extremely frustrating products with untapped potential. They could expose the actual latitude and longitude of the tags instead of just displaying them on an unnecessarily poor quality map. Even without exposing the actual figures they could use them as presence sensors as they do with the phone mobile presence. Either would help users to know if the tag is where it should or shouldn’t be before there is a problem. They could expose button presses to full Routines or other automations so it would be easier to mitigate the frequent accidental button presses that plague the first generation tags. Even better they could trigger on the tag being nearby.

Hrmm yeah I see your point. I think looking through the info they try and make a point to not say it doesn’t actively ping through the network. It seems to be rather ambiguous as to the real time tracking