SmartTag2 Not Showing Up on Shared SmartThings Account

On my SmartThings account and app (Galaxy), I can see My Samsung TV and two SmartTag2s.

I shared my “Home” with my wife, who created her own account and app (iOS). I shared with full access. She can see the TV, but not the SmartTag2s.

If I tap on the icon to share again, it shows all devices, including the Tags under “Devices that invitee can use”

I’d have thought that as the data is coming from the cloud, there should be no compatibility issues.

Any tips?
Thank you!

Only Samsung Galaxy devices can communicate with SmartTags and run the SmartThings Find app. On other Android devices the tags are still shown on the dashboard (in the ‘On the go’ room by default) but they are marked as ‘Not supported’ and when clicked they just bring up a message saying they aren’t available.

Do you not even see the tags at all on iOS?


Yup. Don’t even see them at all. Mind you, if I could see them, but not locate them, then it’s not really worth her having the app anyway.
In the meantime, she has my Samsung account details and can use the find my devices website. Suboptimal, but better than nothing