SmartPower Outlet not cutting the power anymore

I used my SmartPower Outlet without any problem until a few days ago. It’s still communicating with the hub since the led goes from green to red but the power is never turned off and the light plugged into it neither.

I also tried manually by pressing the button on the side of the SmartPower outlet, same effect, the led color is switching but not the power itself.

Any1 else faced the same problem ? Any suggestion on how to solve that problem.

In addition, when it was working I used to hear a small switch noise when the power was really switched, which is not true anymore since it stopped working.

@mdementen that sounds like it may be defective. You should contact support for troubleshooting or replacement.


Mine is acting up also and doing the same thing. I am troubleshooting a little bit before I contact support. Did you have any luck with yours?


I have two hubs and the SmartPower outlets are not working at either. The App is not showing the icon change either. I will investigate further.

Update! Tried like crazy to get Smart Outlet to work. Solution was to remove all Smart Apps using it then removing it from my hub. Forced it to join again and its working. Will check other hub tomorrow.

I tried to remove the SmartPower outlet and add it again to my hub, I also tried to unplug it for a while. Nothing helped. Then I kept it plugged and suddenly after a few days it started to work again. It doesn’t look like to a software problem but more a hardware problem. I’ll contact support next time it stops working.

Same here, just bought the kit, all works except this. Same symtpoms, appears to go on and off, reporting wattage goes from 60W to 0W. But the macbook is STILL charging…