Smartthings Outlet OPT1


I just bought an outlet - IM6001-OPT12

It connected to the hub with no problems and I can turn it on and off. But there is just no power comming through. I’ve tried to delete it in the hub and connect it again, no luck, and I tried different lamps, chargers and tv’s nothing works.

It is brand new, just opened the box.

Got any ideas?

Regards Mads

Sounds like a defective device.


Hey there! @mabuwi,

Have you already tried plugging the device into another Outlet to see if power is then supplied?

If the symptom persists, I would recommend creating a Support ticket so we can look into your concerns further.

You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404

Hi @SamsungZell

Yes I have tried different outlets with different thing plugged into the smartthings outlet.