LightwaveRF to add HomeKit integration October 2017, may improve SmartThings integration as well

Not a lot of details yet, but Lightwave RF says they are releasing a new generation two, including a “Link Plus” gateway device, which will have HomeKit compatibility. Of course that doesn’t help with SmartThings, since SmartThings doesn’t work with HomeKit.

However, the new generation two is also going to have the ability for the switches to report status back to the gateway. As long as they add that to their existing IFTTT channel/service, that would then allow lightwave RF switches and sockets to be used as the “if” in an applet, not just the “that.” And that would then give pretty good indirect integration without needing an additional server.

The downside is that IFTTT can introduce some additional lag. This varies from house to house. At my house it’s a fairly consistent eight seconds. So it’s fine for something like “turn the light on at sunset” but not so good if you want a motion sensor to trigger a light to come on when someone walks into the room.

We will have to wait to see exactly what features are delivered with the new generation two, but this is pretty exciting. The LightwaveRF line has a style that many people like and of course has in wall sockets not just plug-ins. So I’m hoping the new generation will improve SmartThings integration, if only through IFTTT.


Eagerly keeping a close eye on this.

I am surprised at their lack of information though, even on the website.

Whats the chances of the 2 way comms (State) being functional on the original hubs? Slim?

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From what I hear, you’ll have to get the new gateway in order to get the returned state. But as you say, details are sparse right now. We will have to wait and see what the market version brings.

Yeah, watch this space I guess,

I use to know and have had several discussions with a former marketing director for lightwave but being former I can no longer squeeze any information lol.
The former bit was because I don’t think they agreed with his forward thinking vision of better understanding the customer needs and wishes, which is shame as if they had taken on board his methodology I think gen2 would of been the case well over a year ago.
Had he still been there the information we would have had , would of been much clearer and more understandable.


More details. The company says gen one devices will continue to be manufactured and sold. You can use both generations together with the new app:

No details yet on when/if they will update their IFTTT channel so it can be used as the “if” as well as the “that.”

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Wow its certainly a lot more expensive!! I guess it will come down when it is available from other retailers… hopefully!

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Has anyone tried these already?
Do they work with the Gen 1 DH?

Hi there. You talking about me?
Really frustrated at the lack of willingness by Lightwaverf to integrate with Smartthings.
Let’s have a chat how we can get Smartthings users to put some pressure on.

Tweet @lightwaverf and @lightwaverf_ceo saying you want Smartthings integration. Check out my recent comments on their Facebook page too. Please comment. They seem to think that people will just have a Lightwaverf smart home. Yet without a full range of sensors that isn’t going to happen.

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Ahh Mr Maud,

I didn’t know you were on here.

Yes it was lol.

I think lightwave are too wrapped up in their intergration efforts with Apple. I imagine their commitment to them comes first over most things.

But we can only try.

Hope your well btw

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Already been tweeting and mailing them a few times. I’ll
Keep bothering them :slight_smile:

From the replies they pretty much plan to build their own closed ecosystem where you’ll need to buy a Lightwaverf Motion detector to work with them. If anything it frightens me and makes me walk away from them. Don’t want to be locked into their gear!

I just see Olivier has been bashing them today on Twitter! I will also get in on that conversation.
Craig. Nice to catch up. Maybe you can join that thread too. Also I started a conversation on Facebook yesterday and they categorically refused. Notable their response to Olivier is different!?! Or should I say inconsistent.
My point is if Lightwaverf had a complete system incluiding sensors and cameras and alarms then yes you can see their argument for a closed system. But it took them six years to launch a 2 way socket and dimmer so how can we trust them to deliver all the other elements in any reasonable timescale.
The other point I would make is that who on earth is going to invest solely in such a relatively financially weak (compared to Philips, Netgear etc) company’s products. They go bust and all the kit is bricked, especially as gen 2 doesn’t even work locally which was a core value and a genuine usp of gen 1 for a long time. Also note that Alexa, Google home and ifttt are not yet working on gen 2. How they dare release without those, essentially a huge retrograde step I don’t know.

Very well thank you Craig Hope you are too.
Finished my MBA in 2015 after I left Lightwaverf.
Actually worked with Wifiplug and former apprentice candidate Leon Doyle based in Leeds to finish my dissertation on the smart home market.
Got a distinction!
Since then have been busy developing our Hen Party House business - check out and
Now adding 3rd party houses and about to buy and start a 2nd hen party house. Smart home tech is a major part of our house and I’m using lots of different suppliers devices including Lightwaverf, Smartthings, Arlo, Y-Cam and have tested and tried lots of others.
Also in the process of buying a church and developing into 4 homes which I want to be smart homes. Would love Lightwaverf in there but it can only work with Smartthings integration.
BTW thanks for the nice comments :blush:

Their last tweet announces some Local APIs for Q1, so lets see. But until I see some proof of open-ness, I will not lock my house in their closed ecosystem…
Also loved the way they compared themselves to Apple: “If apple made it while being closed, so can we”, forgetting that the Apple systems might be closed, but rely on standards for interaction with the rest of the world :smiley:

So for now. Is there any solution with smartthings and LightwaveRF Gen 2? Even if it requires some middleware?

I do not think so as Gen 2 has some new and unpublished APIs…

Surely they will publish the APIs as so many things will need to know them. Once they do that then an integration should be possible, but might still need some middleware/bridge kit depending on the API they have used.

Raspberry Pi?
Already use this for Gen 1 integration.

If they get it to successfully work with HomeKit, there will be additional sensor options from that ecosystem, in particular the Phillips hue motion sensor (although that will require also buying a Phillips hue bridge even if you aren’t using any of the lamps). Or Fibaro has a line of HomeKit – compatible sensors (different from their Z wave sensors).