SmartLighting Smart App in Canada

Does anyone know if the Smart App for Smart Lighting is available in Canada? I used to have it, reset my entire system, and now when i click the little compass icon, it just laods forever and never brings uo the discovery page. Anyone know how I can get the Smart Lighting Smart App?

I am in Canada, but have no issues with smartLighting, but make sure you use the latest?

there are 2 versions, the one with edge and the oldest if I recall with a different capitalisation. check that?

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There is only one version now. There were two during the migration period.

To add Smart lighting: tap on the Routines tab; tap on the Discover icon (Not the +) but the one to the right of it in the upper right of the screen: select Smart lighting and Download the plugin.

Note: you need to create a Rule in Smart lighting in order for Smart lighting to appear on your Routines screen.


Yeah, when i click the little compass icon i just get the loading icon forever. This is on every phone and every samsung account ive tried.

I would try this

  1. sign out of account and sign in again
  2. contact support

I’m in Canada and I’m getting the same spinning dots forever. I already have Smart lighting installed though, so it definitely should be available to you.

I know this doesn’t really help, but at least it’s validation that it isn’t just you?

Yeah i used to have it then lost it and now I cant get it. Somehow nobody at smartthings is willing to help