Smart Lighting regional lock

Hi guys, noob here.

I’m so lucky that I live in a country where Samsung, in all of there wisdom, have decided that we don’t need Smart Lighting in the app.
(%&!#%#& swear and curses!)

…if anyone needs smart ways to control light, it’s us up north where it is really dark in the winter. (Denmark)

Is there anyway around that? Can it somehow be installed from code like a smart app?

Wich kind of brings me on a sidetrack, I succeeded installing the community installer via IDE from code.
I am somewhat underwhelmed by the ~20 apps in there.

Most of the times I see something smart I want, it says something like “integrate your github with SmartThings”
…only problem with that is that “github integration” is only available in the US

There is probably some way to install it from code I just haven’t figured out yet, but all I see on github is a bunch of files, not really sure what to do with those, when what I need is lines of code to cut/past in IDE

I have looked for a guide to help me get started, but they all start with “press the github integration button”

ST v3

Have you tried using automations? You should be able to accomplish any lighting automation you need there.

Yes, and that is how I get around it by now…but there are (as far as I can tell) some effects that can’t be accomplished in automations.

-For example, I can’t have the “gentle wake up” function where the light goes from eg 1% to 80% over 10 minutes

-i can’t have slow turn on (over a few seconds) and the same for “turn off”

-I can’t have the color temperatur change over the day.

…and I wonder how many other functions I’m missing out of?

From my experience, the Smart Lighting is not that smart. I use it because with the correct combination of devices and triggers it can run locally. However, most of the time it doesn’t. I have it and I can’t see a way to accomplish the gentle wake up you mention.

I think maybe there are community smart apps that might do what you want. However, with all the platform changes going on right now I would avoid anything non-standard.

Maybe someone else has a different experience?

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I actually succeeded in setting up the "gentle wake up ". I did it in the classic app, and I can see that “automation” in the new app, but I can’t press it or anything, just see it and recognize it by the name I gave it…

You can see a few examples of what I would like to play around with here

I can’t see anything in that video that Automations can’t do and i can’t see a way to achieve some of routines are looking for. For instance I can’t see a way to increase brightness over time?

He is not accurate about Smart Lighting running locally though. Smart Lighting only runs locally if all the elements in a SmartLighting routine already run locally. If you try to trigger or control a device running in the cloud then the Smart Lighting routine runs in the cloud.

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SmartLighting handles button capabilities in the legacy fashion as well as the new platform fashion which means that some DTHs which worked in the classic app but do not work in the custom automations in the new V3 app will still work in smartlighting. This has been an important workaround for some community members.

Other than that, local operation is the big difference. :sunglasses:


Unfortunately the way how things are, ST is trying to reduce the load on the servers and in the future it will decommission the IDE complete. One of the side effects some stuff are not available anymore or not advised. Like, they are trying to steer away everybody from the Groovy SmartApps. For this, they offered the Rules API.

You should be able to do a lot with it.

Meanwhile you can use WebCore and’s Rule Engine as well to do custom automations in many complicated ways.

Smart Lighting is an red hering. A lot of people likes it but Automations can replace it, even some cases with better options. But some cases it is a bit less…
You can still try to add it from the Classic app, maybe you will succeed from there.

Regarding the Gentle Wake Up, there is no replacement yet, and there isn’t any planned replacement unless somebody makes it for the new app, as you see, what you created in Classic is not changeable anymore in the the new app.

Thanks for your answer…I do kind of stand by not understanding why some ST users can have Smart Lighting, and others can’t…and I’m sure that “the grass is greener on the other side” also applies here :wink:
I see “all” of my automation problems, regarding light, disappearing if I had it. Tho it probably would bring me a new set of problems.

I have set up a lot of automations to kinda achieve what I want…and I’m half-ass there.
But I have run into a new problem.

I have a motion sensor in my living room
In a “period of time” the motion sensor activates 1 scene, and in the following periode another scene is activated and so forth.

There is also an automation that turns the lights off if no motion has been detected for 59 minutes

But I experience a couple of times a day where the lights just turn off even tho we are in the living room, and certainly trigger the sensor more often than every 10 minutes.
Non of the lights have “auto off” activated or anything

Any suggestion on where to troubleshoot? I have looked all automations through, and can’t find anything that explains this behavior.

My question about how to install/cut-paste code to get smart apps still stands btw, if anyone has a beginners guide to it?

An update.
It is possible to install smart lightning.

If you install it as a smartapp in the old app, it will show up in the new app after a while (not instantly)

Haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet.

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Unfortunately, the old app (SmartThings Classic) does not work anymore, after login it politely says “Try the new app”. There is no option anymore to do anything in the Classic app.
Unfortunately, I missed adding the Smart Lightning while the classic app was working, because I didn’t see the reason why this could be useful. Now I am really focusing on local processing for some local devices.
Do you have any idea/workaround how could I add it in the new app? I see only Home Monitor, Laundry (??) app, and Find my device, nothing else.
Which region is Smart Lightning available at?
Many thanks.

With the demise of Hello Home (Routines), the child Weather Station app that handled sunrise and sunset timings for legacy apps was added to Smart Lighting to keep things working.

If Smart Lighting isn’t available in some regions, how does sunrise and sunset work for legacy apps in those regions?

It is still chugging away but just not accessible?

I have found a solution in this forum:

It works well:)

The Smartthings Classic app is no longer working for me. I’ve installed a very old version, in order to bring back smart lightning app and other features that don’t works in the official app (like calibrating and configuring Fibaro Roller Shutter , which are very poplar here) . When logging in I always get “Incorrect email or password” in the classic app, while the e-mail and password work in the official app. Also, it is impossible to log to SmartThings Account or change password (Samsung Account is OK) here :

Seems to me that Samsung shutdown completely the Smartthings server and remain only with the Samsung Sever. Can anyone please clarify ?