Pls help =- smartapp

i try to install smartlighting (from the smartapps) but i cannot do it!
when i try to do it with the classic nothing open when press “add smartapp” (automation>smartapp)
what can i do???

Try adding it in the new app :slight_smile:

how… ? ???

Click on + in the upper right of the screen, open Smartapps and choose Smart Lighting

This is what i see there…

only this… what i miss ?

I forget if smart lighting is limited by region. Contact ST support directly and see if they can assist.

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its look that i cannot download any app… not only smartlighting

Depends on the region you are located. But again, best to contact ST support directly and see what they say.

i am from israel
there is nothing than i can do ?
there is another wat to install apps ?

For smart lighting… I read your other thread… you can’t install it from the Classic and it does not show as an available install in the new app. At this point, the only thing I can recommend is to contact ST support because I do not know how to help. Sorry, I wish I could offer more assistance.

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ok i will

thank you