Local Device handler options for Ikea, Fibaro, and Xiaomi?

Hello everyone

I am trying to switch most of my device handlers to local one but i need some help with the following:

Local dth for:


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Tried zigbee multi button for the ikeas? I cant remember - I think @jkp did some of those…

@JDRoberts loves buttons :slight_smile:


Yeah its scary… :sunglasses:

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So the zigbee multi button runs local?

Without scanning the dth… Dont know. I do know that if anything has a chance to that one might. I usually just go to town trying DTHs and seeing the effects. If you switch it in the IDE it will tell you instantly in the device list in the IDE if its local.

Other way is to scan through the SmartThings Github and look for the islocal flag in their dths. (its not 100% but better than a guess)

Id use the swap and pray method personally. It takes about 5 minutes.

Im still floored that ZWave Fan doesn’t work locally.


I wish Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor ran local, being a stock dth. Would really be nice to get humidity levels from my Iris motion sensors. Using SmartSense Motion Sensor keeps it local, but without the humidity reporting. Extremely helpful in the bathroom for the exhaust fan.

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Stock Z-Wave Window Shade doesn’t even run local, such a simple, popular dth, it would take literally 15 minutes of work to make it run local, for some reason, they actively don’t want to do it, for the last 5 years.

ZigBee Switch Power is local. Zigbee Metering Plug is not. The difference being that you get kwh with Metering Plug. Useful information if you have the new jasco 3.0 outlets.

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You can use Smartsense Temp Humidity Sensor.

Can you use Smartsense motion?

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I’ve already got a feature change request on that one.

With the 35.x firmware coming we need to ALL put a full court press on them about stock DTHs if it’s not local - WHY? No reason not to. Especially he major basic device classes. There should be stock DTHs for basic sensors, switches, fans, etc that ALL run local. @blake.arnold here’s the next big client sat issue.


From what i can see the handler is not local

I have been pushing for various device handlers lately to go local with various Smartthings staff but as they have a lot of issues right now, i was not totally successful.

If you know the answer to this please let me know. I thought you needed to have executecommandslocally: true for the rules api to be local but apparently only runlocally :true is needed.

Do you this we should make a mega thread with devices that work well with local stock handlers.

The ikea one does not work. Did you test the aqara one?

I have tons of the aqara temp & humidity sensors running like this.

I think you just started one… :slight_smile:

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Thanks Andrew thats great news

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I bought a good batch of sonoff zigbee mini switches for that so i am good for now.

Any solution for the alexa switches?

The only work around for an Alexa switch, that would be extremely clunky, would be to use another virtual switch. You can assign a virtual switch to your hub in ide so it executes locally and add that into your automation that you want to run locally. Then have that virtual switch in a separate automation to control the Alexa switch so that whatever routine you have with Alexa will execute. That second automation will still be cloud based, there’s no way around it. This is extremely clunky and not worth it IMHO. That’s the best I can think of off the top of my head. Even a Stimulated Contact Sensor executes in the cloud, so there would still be no way to leverage an Alexa routine.

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Hm no that would be too much i think…